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The Amazing Spider-Man #3 review: Power vs responsibility

The story by Nick Spencer is light, fun, and just an all-around enjoyable read.

The Amazing Spider-Man #3 is giving us another lesson on that age old advice that Uncle Ben once gave to Peter: “With great power must come great responsibility.” When last we left our story, a crazy device that Doctor Connors was working with had split Peter from Spider-Man. So what we were left with was a powerless Peter Parker on one side and then on the other, Spider-Man.

Two halves from what was once a whole person. At first, this is great for Peter, because now he can go on with life and not feel obligated to the responsibility of saving the day since he no longer has the power to do so. Unfortunately, that old Parker luck is back in full swing, as Spider-Man may not have the compassion, responsibility, and care that goes with the great power he now wields.

Amazing Spider-ManOne thing I like about the Spider-books is that the narration is from the first person point of view of the character we are following around. Instead of some third person breaking the fourth wall, we get a much deeper look into the characters being spotlighted.

The story by Nick Spencer is light, fun, and just an all-around enjoyable read. The art by Ryan Ottley feels like… home (for Spider-Man). That may be a weird description but all in all, it looks good and goes with the story perfectly. In other words, it’s not dark and it doesn’t feel overbearing in any way. This new run, without a doubt, feels like it would fit right in with the classic Spider-Man stories.

Wrap Up

This is Spider-Man coming back home in the pages of his own comic book. The renewed romance between Peter and MJ, the fun nature of the story, and the brilliance of the art… This is what a Spider-Man book should be. It also proves that you can tell a good story without going ultra dark and depressing with everything. So yeah… check this book out!!!


The Amazing Spider-Man #3








Nailed it

  • This is a return to how Spider-Man should be
  • The art works perfectly with the story
  • More and more the hope of Peter & MJ becomes a real thing

Needs work

  • No cons at this point
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