Qualcomm’s next-gen 7nm mobile platform samples are being sent out to OEMs


It’s that time again for Qualcomm to come out with their newest mobile platform chips for smartphones and other forms of technology, and what better way to make an announcement today than by stating the next-gen 7nm samples are already being sent out to OEMs.

Cristiano Amon, president, Qualcomm Incorporated said the company is pleased to be working with OEMs and other manufacturers/bodies across the world to get ready for the launch of the first 5G mobile hotspot and for the new 7nm mobile platform chips to be used in smartphones. The plus side to this is that the new 7nm SoC will work with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X50 5G modem.

We are very pleased to be working with OEMs, operators, infrastructure vendors, and standards bodies across the world, and are on track to help launch the first 5G mobile hotspots by the end of 2018, and smartphones using our next-generation mobile platform in the first half of 2019.

Qualcomm Technologies’ continued leadership in research and engineering allows for a future of increased innovation across multiple sectors as 5G connectivity becomes ubiquitous.

More information regarding the next generation flagship mobile platform from the company will be announced towards the end of 2018. So we’ll have to stay tuned to see what Qualcomm brings to the table.

The last thing we heard about 5G rolling out for smartphones was with the 5G Moto Mod for the latest Moto Z3 smartphone from Motorola. With chip samples hitting OEMs, we may get to see how this Moto Mod works in comparison to other 5G smartphones sooner rather than later.

Are you guys ready for the next generation of Qualcomm mobile platform to be in flagships in 2019 while offering some future proofing to 5G technology? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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