[Video] Here’s the Samsung W2019 in all its clamshell-style glory


Clamshell (flip style) phones aren’t a common sight these days, especially in the U.S. but Samsung seems to think they may still have some sort of appeal given they have developed the Samsung W2019. Thanks to Slashleaks, we have a nice look at what the Samsung W2019 actually looks like.

Flipped open, the Samsung W2019 looks like any other flip phone with a more modern smart display. Folded closed, the front of the phone is another screen. It’s not completely clear how the screens would work but it seems the inner-screen is the primary communication screen.

The Samsung W2019 is also really thick — most likely to make room for two screens and their connectors and boards. Aside from the two 4.2″ AMOLED screens and large battery the W2019 also has dual cameras on the back. It appears to also have USB Type-C charging and a 3,000mAh battery. The power button looks to be on the right and the volume rocker on the left.

According to the rumors though, this unit is most likely going to be only available in the Chinese market. So unless you want to try and import it, you probably won’t be getting one here in the States.

I’m not sure about you all but I’m not sure I’d want to rock a flipper again, even with two screens. The foldable Samsung smartphone is more intriguing than the W2019, at least to me. The Chinese market is very different than other markets so the W2019 is probably a perfect fit there. It will be interesting to find out just how well it is received.

What do you think of the W2019? Would you rock a dual screen flip phone? Are you excited or interested in the upcoming Samsung foldable smartphone? Let us know in the comments below or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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