Quantum & Woody! #12 review: End of the road

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This is the final issue of the series for Quantum & Woody! and it’s decent enough. It wraps up some loose ends overall. It was light on the humor, although I think that not doing more to show what a new Unity team could be was a bit of a missed opportunity.

The basic story here is that X-O Manowar is given the task of seeing if Quantum & Woody are Unity material, or more specifically, can be utilized while being watched by a new Unity team. Quantum, of course, wants to join because he wants to be a superhero. Woody is really just going along for the ride because he knows that this is Quantum’s dream. Turns out though, Q&W really are not Unity material, so X-O will need to make a decision on what must be done with them.


As I said, writer Eliot Rahal does a well enough job of bringing this series to a close, even giving us the blurb “Quantum & Woody will return” at the very end. We can only hope that they get another series of some sort down the road.

The art by Francis Portela, with colors by Andrew Dalhouse, and lettering by Dave Sharpe are the visuals we’ve come to expect from this series, so no worries here. This has been an overall fun and good book to follow along with, so it is bittersweet that it is ending so soon.

Wrap Up

I wholeheartedly recommend this series, and it is only 12 issues, so why not go back, pick them up and have a good time? There will be a hole in the Valiant lineup for humor now, so enjoy those Q&W back issues!!!

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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