X-O Manowar #22 review: Another arc wraps up

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Another month, another issue of X-O Manowar from Valiant. I wish I could say that this book is on the rebound but unfortunately, things are looking rather shaky here, and I’m losing patience for getting it turned around. At $3.99USD a book, you better bring an “A” game or you are just draining the readers wallet.

To be fair this issue had some good parts to it. Namely, anything to do with Capshaw. The actual plot though was wrapped up far too quickly. Where is the editing at for Valiant these days? There needs to be someone to say, “Look, you need to extend this part of the story out, cut that part, and make a good transition here instead of this abrupt turn.” Otherwise, you get a story, from writer Matt Kindt, that feels off kilter and jumps around way too much.

X-O Manowar #22

One minute X-O is being crushed, the next page there is a huge battle, the next page X-O is bringing the Cartographer to justice. Also, what’s with the Titan Patrol? We don’t really get any more information on them other than that they are a patrol trying to bring back their planet’s citizens. Their characterization is shallow and never fleshed out. They could be an interesting group, but nothing is ever done with them to expand their dimensions.

As far as the art, Juan Jose Ryp with colorist Andrew Dalhouse is consistent with the past issues. I like their art and coloring, just not for X-O. An X-O Manowar book needs art and coloring that is more smooth and sharp. Aric’s armor should look like armor and the colors should pop on it. The style being used feels too “soft,” almost as if it has a fuzzy texture to everything.

Wrap Up

Maybe the next arc will be better. I seem to be saying that a lot with this book and as I said above, I’m starting to lose my patience. Right now, I can’t really recommend this book until there is some sort of course correction to make it worthwhile.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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