[CES 2019] Flo and Moen partner for new Flo by Moen smart water leak detector


We’re just a few days away from CES 2019 and while I sit in the airport waiting for my flight I figured we’d bring you more CES news. Flo is a smart water leak detector which we reviewed last year and awarded a Top Pick for 2018. The company is partnering with Moen to bring you Flo by Moen.

Flo by Moen uses proprietary AI technology to monitor temperature, pressure and flow within the water supply system and learn a home’s typical water habits and to spot leaks — some as small as one drop per minute. In the event that Flo by Moen detects a critical leak in the plumbing system, it will alert the homeowner via their smartphone and can even be set to automatically shut off the water to help protect the home from more serious water damage.

The device really works well and has alerted me to simple drips from a faucet. As we said in our review of the first generation Flo, some insurance companies offer discounts for having this device. Our insurance company wasn’t one of them so I can’t speak to what sort of discount it would be.

“Moen is changing the way we experience water, with more innovation than any time since the Romans over 2,000 years ago,” said Mark-Hans Richer, senior vice president, chief marketing and innovation officer, Fortune Brands Global Plumbing Group. “By plugging water into the cloud, we can enhance people’s daily interactions with water, while conserving our most precious resource. Through partnerships like this, we’re continuing to invest in innovation at a rapid pace, to lead the smart water revolution.”

“Flo Technologies is committed to its mission of helping homeowners prevent water loss and damage, one drip at a time. By partnering with Moen, which has a proven track record of innovating and delivering superior value to customers, our smart water monitoring and leak detection system will reach and protect more homes across the country,” said Gabriel Halimi, CEO and co-founder of Flo Technologies. “We’re excited to work with the Moen team to shine a light on the major issue of water waste and damage in homes.”

“Both of our companies share a spirit of innovation and commitment to offer consumers the best, brightest and, above all, useful advancements in technology; we look forward to working together to prevent waste, improve water security and inspire people to look at water from a different viewpoint,” added Richer.

Other than partnering with Moen, it seems the device hasn’t changed all that much. Aesthetically it looks different but in terms of its function, it remains the same. Still, we love this product and it will be interesting to see where Flo goes in this new partnership.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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