UltraViolet service will be shutting down on July 31st

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The UltraViolet service is shutting down on July 31st. If you’re unaware, the UltraViolet movie service was a place to store your digital movies and if you have an account you should be getting an email. Don’t worry about losing your movies though, you can link other services like Vudu to the UltraViolet service and save your content.

Between January 31st and July 31st you will still be able to get to your movies on UltraViolet as well as any linked retailers in your profile. They are even allowing you to continue to purchase new content and redeem digital codes. The company does warn that depending on the retailer, these new purchases and redemptions may or may not be added to your UltraViolet Library.

The company does advise that you head into your profile and link approved retailers to your UltraViolet account. Doing this will move your library to those retailers and still give you access to your purchased content. After the shutdown, your UV library will close. As stated earlier, your movies will be available at your linked retailers’ websites.

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As soon as possible, login at myuv.com and choose Retailer Services to verify the retailers linked to your UltraViolet Library. If your Library is not currently linked to a retailer or if you would like to link to additional participating retailers, select one or more retailers to link to your UltraViolet Library.

Don’t unlink or close your UltraViolet Library, as UltraViolet and retailers will be working together to maximize your continued access to movies and TV shows.


The company says to watch for more announcements from them as some retailers may actually disconnect from the service before July 31st. You can also check the company’s facts page on the matter for more information.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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