Could a foldable gaming smartphone be coming from Samsung?

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Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Samsung goes out and once again appears to be trying something different. As you all know, Samsung is looking to make a foldable smartphone, the Galaxy F, but the company is looking to make something new that targets any gamers out there. A patent filing by Samsung has pointed to a foldable gaming phone with buttons and a D-pad.

samsung gaming smartphone
Patent filed for foldable gaming smartphone

As you can tell from the patent above, the device will be able to fold in half and then allow one of the edges to fold inward showing off the D-pad and six buttons. Even with the patent showing some form of design for the device, this may not be the final product we see if Samsung does end up making something like this for the world. Being able to play with a larger screen is nice but could come with issues such as the phone being top heavy and always sliding out of your hands with such a small gamepad. The screen back is smaller with the gamepad and you would think having a bigger screen would be more appealing to users. It is possible the gamepad could be used with the phone folded out as well.

LetGoDigital created a 3D render of what the device could look like and even with it in color and fully rendered, it still looks interesting. Even if you’re not into mobile gaming like that, the option to hid the “controller” layout is a nice addition.

Unofficial render of Samsung's foldable gaming smartphone.
Unofficial render of Samsung’s foldable gaming smartphone.

It’s an interesting concept nonetheless and even though Samsung has filed a patent for it, I doubt we’ll really be seeing it come to life any time soon. Maybe as foldable smartphones get better and better but not right now.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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