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There are dozens of password managers available in the Apple App Store and, as a result, the options seem endless. Password keepers come down to personal preferences in presentation and, to a lesser extent, functionality. Their functioning — being largely similar across the board — means personal affection for their display or other aesthetic attributes. Indeed, you can find almost as many differing “best password keepers for iPhone” articles as there are iPhone password apps!

Similar to evaluating computer operating systems and mobile phones, personal preferences hold huge sway when selecting the ‘best’ password keeper for you. That said, there are baseline checkpoints that will show you how good an app is, either by being supported by a large following or identified as something different and thus, attractive.

A good rule of thumb is to first compare apples with apples (pun intended!) In other words, select the password keepers which appeal to you and compare their features side by side to learn the technical specs and abilities of your shortlisted apps.

Putting aside considerations of whether the app is free, or charges for services, core attributes can be compared between options. Interestingly, what usually happens in this exercise is you’ll confirm in your own mind what’s important to you, and what you expect from a password keeper.

Go ahead. Forget your passwords. 1Password remembers them for you.

Ask These Questions About Password Keepers

iPhone password keepers are targeting a relatively sophisticated and discerning user group. While most maintain the standards mobile users expect, some remain better than others. Basic questions to consider when looking at iPhone password keepers are:

  • Do they have a limited capacity? Does the app builder hint at limits and exclusions?
  • Does the password keeper tempt you with limited functionality, nudging you towards their paid version? The baseline level for password apps is you should be able to enjoy full functionality with a free app, and possibly only suffer reduced total capacity with freeware, if at all.
  • Do they ask you to take an extra step to access your passwords? A savvy keeper usually asks for a master password to access all listed details.
  • Is the app intuitive? Is it simple and easy to use? Does it maintain minimal-touch access available on other apps?
  • Looking at reviews online and other forums, has the app received any bad press? Is it known to be easily hacked, or is it rated as truly secure in the final analysis?
password keepers

Once evaluated, a password keeper’s price truly becomes a secondary consideration.

While most iPhone password managers are good, a select few hit the sweet spot of being fast, having simple functionality, zero bugginess, generous storage capacity, and great aesthetics.

Once evaluated, a password keeper’s price truly becomes a secondary consideration. As technology you’ll have to live with and employ daily, what’s important to you fast outranks price when it comes to evaluating password keepers.

As IoT looms and human connectivity leaps forward to users being connected to a great many new things, the old practice of remembering a handful of passwords just doesn’t cut it. Furthermore, the alternative practice of reusing the same password everywhere to simplify is also dangerously naïve. Strong, individualized passwords generated by a password keeper will take much of the pain away if – or when – incidents occur.

The List


password keepers

A favorite with iPhone users, this app enables users to store not only passwords, but addresses, credit card details, and more. 1Password uses AES 256-encryption and is super intuitive, plus it’s able to be accessed via Touch and Face ID. The ability to extensively customize passwords also grows on you.

There’s a free 30-day trial period, after which the full extent of features currently costs US$7.99/month for businesses (US$4.99/month for families). It’s geared for Apple Watch, as well, allowing users to access their passwords via their watch. It also enables password sharing, a great feature for work teams or families.

This app is easy to sync across multiple platforms and almost all user reviews online sing its praises. It’s:

  1. A great first keeper for novices
  2. oesn’t lack features when compared to the competition and
  3. Has an easy feel to it that means most users have never looked anywhere else since first downloading it.


password keepers

Enpass is a great keeper for volume storage, easily storing a host of personal information. Its template options facilitate user requirements on specific passwords, as the browser build lets users complete forms from deep vault access. Users can eliminate “copy and paste” necessities as they wish, the encryption is first-class, and it offers Touch ID for ease of use and convenience.

The Enpass keeper comes as a desktop app and uses your cloud computing preference (like iCloud or Google Drive) to sync across devices. Whether you store information directly onto a device or in the cloud is up to you. Similar to 1Password, it’s also compatible with Apple Watch. The free version limits users to 20 passwords, while the US$11.99 paid version has zero limits.


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mSecure is priced a bit cheekily at US$29.99 for their “one-time upgrade” which allows users to tweak features and icons. That said, most users stick with the free version, as it’s fully loaded. Some features, like a library of templates and rapid online entries, mean many users are happy to pay for the app. It’s intuitive, sleek, and built to be an easy, fast, and smart password keeper.

Online reviews point to the value of users’ ability to tag favorites and customize lists. With this app, you can store data in created folders sorted by whatever criterion pleases you. With the upgraded or pro version, more extensive customizing of templates is enabled, as is synced back-up. This password keeper accommodates Face or Touch ID and Apple Watch. Watertight security and pleasant ease of use make it a firm favorite among iPhone users.

A great all-rounder many enjoy for the ability to finely tune how and what they store, this app gives you the same easy, secure feel as 1Password.

All things tech, and more

As with PCs, phones, and cars, individual preferences abound —- but the above three options won’t disappoint, although users might opt for the paid versions to enable greater storage capacity. Password keepers aren’t only for iPhones, though — the modern office typically has them in play on every PC running.

If you’d like a detailed breakdown on password keeper options, cloud computing, or simply IT connectivity and optimal application, visit the home of some truly expert geeks to get the lowdown on everything from iPhone apps to Android VPNs, and everything in between.

Do you use password keepers? Which ones do you use? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, or Facebook. You can also comment on our MeWe page by joining the MeWe social network.

Go ahead. Forget your passwords. 1Password remembers them for you.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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