How to use Shopify to make your own furniture eCommerce store


As with all products that are sold online, you have to locate a reputable seller that’s going to drop ship your products or sell to you at a wholesale price. With furniture, it can be difficult since we’re talking about a large piece of merchandise. You can make your own furniture eCommerce store by storing all of your inventory inside your apartment.

When finding a wholesaler, it depends on what type of furniture you’re planning to sell. For instance, if your site specializes in vintage furniture, you’re going to have to search through thrift shops and antique stores.

You can acquire new items by contacting wholesalers in your location or by taking the Alibaba route. Alibaba’s search function provides thousands of results. We recommend searching based on the desired product type. With this method, you don’t have to search through an endless amount of furniture suppliers.

For drop shipping, it’s much easier. However, your profit margin will start to decrease. Once you find a product you like, contact the supplier to find out more about them. Make sure the contact information is accurate since you’ll be speaking with them on the phone.

Here are some quick tips:

  • Establish who the main contact is that you’ll always speak to.
  • Do research. Look at product quality, product reviews and any information that you can find about the company online. Many companies don’t have websites, but it’s a huge plus if they do.
  • Tell your supplier to give you samples. Since you’re selling furniture online, you can get a smaller product, but some suppliers can accommodate for this. If not, then buy the furniture at wholesale price and sell it to your consumers.
  • Set your conditions on delivery times, payment, and how much you to plan to purchase.

Create an Online Store Made Just for Furniture

Making furniture websites is easier than what is used to be. Now you don’t need a degree in web development or have advanced knowledge about coding.

Instead, you can make own furniture eCommerce store, which gives you the hosting, design tools, payment gateways, and marketing features so you can sell furniture online today.

Some eCommerce platforms that can help you get started are, Shopify, Volusion, and Bigcommerce. We suggest that you research each of them. For the sake of this guide, we’re going to discuss how you can use a Shopify account.

First, look for themes that will look good with your website’s appearance. After that create a Shopify account. There’s a free trial, so don’t worry about launching the site after signing up.

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How Do I Sell Furniture Online With Marketing Strategies?

While you will try out different marketing strategies when you make your own furniture eCommerce store, here are some tips when first launching your startup:

  • Utilize coupons and promotions to create a consumer base when you’re getting started.
  • Partner with real estate professionals and interior designers to make your products visible to customers.
  • Create an email list and email subscription button on your website.


It doesn’t matter if you have an eCommerce store set up or if you’re starting from scratch, you’ll still be successful. All it requires is a plan, a good website, and some marketing strategies to help stand out against the competition. Decide how you want to market your site and chances are you’ll receive loyal customers willing to buy into your brand.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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