How well do you know your car’s dashboard light indicators?


We’ve all been there – a cryptic light pops up on your car’s dashboard, so you have to pull over and rifle through the owner’s manual in an attempt to decipher it. It could be a simple reminder that your windshield washer fluid is low, but it could also mean something more serious. It can be hard to tell which dashboard light is which in the moment.

If it’s the dreaded “check engine” light, good luck trying to figure out what your car needs without a trip to the mechanic. Seeing this light pop up usually means your car is due for some routine maintenance, but it can be a costly trip to the shop if something expensive has to be replaced.

Car manufacturers have added a slew of new indicators to dashboards as modern cars are made with more complicated computers and systems. The features are certainly helpful, but their presence on the dashboard can add more confusion. Once self-driving cars become commonplace, who knows how many new warning lights we’ll be faced with?

Thankfully, these dashboard lights are generally color-coded so you’ll know if you have a potential disaster on your hands. Red lights indicate a serious problem or safety issue that should be dealt with immediately. Amber dashboard lights typically mean something in your car needs to be serviced soon and should be handled as soon as possible. Green and blue indicators are usually just a visual reminder that a system in your car is in use and shouldn’t be any cause for alarm.

This handy guide to dashboard indicators from Alan’s Factory Outlet decodes 52 of the most common lights you will come across. The page also has a quiz to test your knowledge and see how many you really know. So, do you think you know all of your car’s warning lights?

dashboard light
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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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