Infographic: How To Make Money With Blockchain


Bitcoin may be fluctuating between seven and eight thousand U.S. dollars per coin, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to invest in blockchain technology and make some money doing it. There are plenty of other cryptocurrencies being developed that work in different ways or which are used for specific purposes that are still totally affordable, but that’s not the only way to invest in blockchain technology.

While cryptocurrency is proving difficult to use in many real-world scenarios, the blockchain technology upon which it is built is proving to be considerably more useful. Blockchain is being used to establish tamper-proof real estate records in areas of the world where government corruption is rampant. Insurance companies in the United States are looking toward blockchain technology to streamline non-protected information sharing, such as physician listings, reducing costs by sharing this information across networks and sharing the cost of maintaining the database.

If you want to invest in this technology there are still plenty of opportunities to do so. You can invest in publicly-traded companies that are developing uses for this technology or which are developing the technology itself — IBM has been developing blockchain technology for years, and it is the basis for several other higher-level blockchain developments. There are also companies that specialize in mining and trading, those that use blockchain in transactions, and those that are developing disruptive uses for blockchain in traditional sectors.

There are also opportunities to invest in funds that support the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency through ETFs, ETNs, Digital Asset Funds, and futures. Or you can buy stake coins and wait for airdrops and interest to grow your wealth. You can even work in the gig economy in exchange for tokens doing microtasks, or you can earn attention tokens for doing things like watching educational videos.

There’s no limit to the ways in which you can make money in the blockchain boom. Learn more about moving beyond Bitcoin from the infographic below!

How to Make Money with Bitcoin infographic

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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