RHA announces its new T20 wireless headphones

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There are a ton of headphone makers on the market and some of them have strong and loyal followings, like RHA. The company’s T20 wired in-ear headphones have had a loyal following and now they are being offered as the T20 wireless headphones.

The company says both consumers and retailers have asked for the T20 wireless headphones and now they’re delivering. The T20 wireless headphones are designed around RHA’s DualCoil driver which offers up high-resolution sound reproduction.

We have been flooded with requests for the much-loved T20 to be made available in a wireless configuration ever since we announced our first Bluetooth headphone. We listen to our customers, and we are thrilled to announce the T20 Wireless headphones. It’s a more than worthy new member of the T Series, it delivers everything our customers love about the T20 with the freedom of a wireless connection.

Colum Fraser – Global Marketing Manager, RHA

Two independent voice coils are each responsible for producing part of the frequency range for refined, high-resolution audio. The drivers are encased in detachable, injection molded, stainless-steel housings with an MMCX connection for integration with most industry-standard cabling.

Three pairs of tuning filters are included to adjust the sound signature to reflect individual tastes. Bass filters emphasize the lower range in music such as rock and hip-hop and treble filters highlight details in the upper frequencies – ideal for jazz, acoustic or classical tracks.

T20 wireless headphones

Our DualCoil driver has been designed to deliver powerful, fully-realized sound. Retaining that sound quality was the most important aspect of the new design. We tuned the driver for optimal performance with the wireless and wired connections. Along with the reference sound signature, fans of the T Series enjoy the option of customized sound afforded by the bass and treble filters which are included. For the T20 Wireless, we wanted to go further, with detachable housings to allow customers with their own specialist equipment to set up their own wired or wireless headphone configuration.

When designing the T20 Wireless headphones, we wanted to retain as much as possible, integrating the new elements with the aesthetic of the existing T series. We enhanced the striking look of the T20i using beautiful black finishes for the cabling, housings, and our silicone tips. Our headphones are known for their engineered, metal components and the neckband and remote are made of stunning, brushed stainless-steel. Combining these premium materials with clever design features like magnetic housings has created a beautiful, high-performance headphone.

Kyle Hutchison – Head of Product Design, RHA

The Bluetooth SecureFlex neckband provides 12-hour battery life and a universal remote allows users to switch between music, calls and digital assistant functions. Compatible with aptX, the Bluetooth neckband provides high-fidelity audio wirelessly. The T20 wireless with the neckband configuration is sweat and splash proof to IPX4 standards.

Listeners can use the SecureFlex neckband to access their device’s digital assistant. This means they can send messages, use navigation apps, or have text read out using only the remote on the headphones – without interacting directly with their device. The neckband can connect simultaneously with two devices and sends vibrations through the silicone neckband to make sure no call is missed. The tap-and-go pairing (NFC) function facilitates hassle-free connections and the neckband has a Bluetooth range of 10 meters for any connected device.

The RHA T20 wireless headphones are available now for US$249.95.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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