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Technology advancement in today’s world has attracted a large number of people using computer systems at home and office. Business owners make use of computers or laptops to carry out most operations. Due to this, there has been a rise in the sale of computer systems. If you own a computer, make sure you maintain it well if you want it to last long.

A professional repair service provider will help fix your laptop’s issues like shattered screens, malfunctioning keypads, and power issues if the need arises. Depending on your laptop or computer issue, you can decide to visit repair service providers or follow some simple hacks listed below to help you maintain your machine.

Repair services

Laptop repair Singapore professionals give multiple services like laptop power jack repair, component repair, installations, upgrades, and power supply repairs. With these services, your computer systems will run for the longest time without issues. The good news is that a professional technician will attend any of your computer problems. Getting your broken computer system repaired requires lots of skills and information to examine the real issues to fix it effectively. Only experts can offer you the best and long-lasting solutions to your laptop or computer system issues.

laptop repair
When dust clogs the internal parts of your Laptop, it may cause overheating.

Laptop overheating

The Breakfixnow team says, if you notice your Laptop shutting down after using it for a short while, it’s probably due to overheating. System overheating causes it to automatically shut down to ensure the internal components don’t overheat or burn. If it happens, you should check for clogs in the heatsink before opening the laptop. The heatsink, which is the laptops thermal conductor, has a fan that cools the processor by drawing hot blown air then cooling it with fans. If nothing happens, you may consider visiting qualified laptop repair service providers to help solve the issue. Make sure it’s a reputable company with qualified staff handling your machine.

Cleaning dust

When dust clogs the internal parts of your Laptop, it may cause overheating. In such a case, remove the back panel of your Laptop to check the heatsink and cooling fan. Ensure you change the fan if it makes a crashing sound when rotating. You can use a screwdriver to dismantle the heatsink and clean the dust using a toothbrush. However, if there is no issue, use compressed air to clean the heatsink and fan. If it becomes unbearable, seek for laptop repair services from a qualified technician or a reputable company.


Like many other countries around the continent, Laptop repair Singapore offers brilliant ideas when it comes to stresses associated with laptop issues. When your Laptop shuts or breaks down, searching for a reputable company offering professional laptop repair services will be of great help. Not all technicians are the same, so take your time to find the right one who will not add extra damage to your machine. Through peoples’ reviews or commendations, you will be able to get the right technician who will professionally handle your Laptop.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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