Lightyear One is an electric car that charges in the sun


As electric vehicles become ever more popular, they’re dependent on EV charging stations when driving around town or on long trips. The Lightyear One by Lightyear, the same company that developed a solar-powered car named Stella has a prototype of an electric vehicle that can be charged via EV charging stations but also by sunlight.

Even though this is a prototype, it still has a long range of 725km or 450 miles, which is a much longer driving range than Tesla’s have. This is accomplished through the Lightyear One charging system in the hood and roof. The smaller batteries can be charged using this system thereby extending the range. Both the hood and the roof are covered with five square meters of solar cells beneath the glass keeping it more power efficient and lightweight.

Speaking of lightweight, the Lightyear One can be charged with conventional chargers as well meaning the One can be charged for up to 400km or 250 miles in one night from a 230V socket. The solar panels will add an additional charge of up to 12km or 7.5 miles per hour. The sleek look is also there to help reduce energy consumption.

The car can be reserved already but there is a fee of €119,000, or about US$135,000 for one of the first 500 vehicles that will be offered. The car overall is €149,000, or US$169,000. The Pioneer Edition Lightyear One is expected early 2021 while the standard Lightyear One reservation expected date is mid-2021. The price is expensive as it is but could be nice to see a solar-powered concept car out on the road.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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