The FUELL Fluid E-bike, designed by Erik Buell, claims to have a 125-mile range

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In many cases, cars just don’t make sense for some people. They’re large, require a lot of maintenance, and are expensive. This is why many commuters have taken to their bikes as their primary mode of transportation. But sometimes you want your bike to be easier to use and have a bit more power. Enter the FUELL Fluid E-bike designed and built by Erik Buell.

The FUELL Fluid E-bike is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo and has raised nearly US$1 million. Erik Buell built the FUELL Fluid E-bike with both city lovers and outdoor adventurers in mind. Buell is a former Harley-Davidson engineer who is considered to be a pioneer in motorcycle technology. He’s even made it into the American Motorcyclist’s Association Hall of Fame.

FUELL Fluid E-bike Erik Buell
Six different colors.

The FUELL Fluid E-Bike is an electric bicycle with a mid-drive bofeili 500W pedal assisted motor, giving it 100Nm of torque, that offers bicyclists exhilarating acceleration. The FUELL Fluid E-Bike is built with a custom aluminum alloy frame which the company says gives it both durability and a sleek appearance.

The FUELL Fluid E-bike was designed with the urban rider in mind. Specced with things like a Gates Carbon Drive belt system, and a Shimano Alfine 8-speed Geared Hub to make it “virtually maintenance-free.” Two batteries provide the e-bike with 1,008wh capacity and a 125 mile estimated travel range.

The batteries are simple and quick to charge, reaching 80% of its charge within 2.5 hours and a full charge at 5 hours. Both of the Fluids 504wh batteries are removable and if battery technology evolves can be upgradeable. Seamlessly integrated into the center of the handlebars is a 3.2 IPS color screen that displays important information like speed, distance traveled, battery level, and 5 configurable motor assist settings. Lastly, the Fluid e-bike comes equipped with an adjustable suspension for ride quality control and hydraulic brakes for impressive stopping power.

The MSRP of the FUELL Fluid E-bike is US$3,999 but the Indiegogo special starts at US$2,699 with rewards and perks going up from there. It’s certainly a nice looking bike and for people who’d rather invest in a bike rather than a car, it makes a bunch of sense.

As with any crowdfunding campaign, there is a risk supporting them. We’ve recently heard about several that we’ve written about that have failed or are having issues. Our reporting on crowdfunding campaigns does not mean we support or are affiliated with them. Support at your own risk.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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