MageDok is a portable monitor for creatives and gamers on the go


Photographers, videographers, and gamers all have one thing in common. Sometimes they need a portable monitor while they’re out and about. While there are a few portable monitor models on the market, MageDok thinks they have what creatives and gamers need.

The MageDok portable monitor is available in three different sizes, 13″, 15″ and 17″. The smaller 13 and 15″ version are probably better suited for gamers with the larger 17″ is better suited for creatives. This new portable monitor also offers a 144Hz refresh rate which is more than double what most other monitors offer. This higher refresh rate makes it better for gamers and creatives.

The most common refresh rate of portable monitors in the market is 60Hz. But the serious gamers need more than a smooth 60 FPS frame rates while playing the racing, first-person shooting, or competitive games. Why there is rarely a portable monitor with a high refresh rate? The main reason is that the high power consumption to maintain the high refresh rate continuously makes it difficult on the portable monitor. Besides, the high manufacturing cost makes it unpractical for the common office uses. We’re always looking forward if there is a portable monitor that can bring us the smooth gaming experience on the go just as playing on big screen at home.

The monitor can be driven and powered by the laptop or smartphone with only one USB C cable. We manage to design the unique power and display management that can maintain the high refresh rate in low power consumption. By dynamically synching the screen refresh rate with the image frame rate, AMD FreeSync eliminates screen tearing and minimizes display stutter to ensure perfectly smooth gameplay.

MageDok display portable monitor LCD
For gamers

MageDok delivers an unparalleled, fast and smooth gaming experience while you’re on the go. Compatible with Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, smartphone, laptop, and more. It lets you experience your games with better speed, clarity, and fun. You also can build your own mobile Play Station or Xbox with MageDok while you’re on the road.

With 2K resolution & 120Hz frequency, MageDok 17 offers you the best graphics quality. Designed to meet the needs of photographers, designers, filmmakers, and gamers.

An extra monitor allows you to closely review all the pictures that you take while photographing or traveling. Perfect for making adjustment to the pictures during the photographing.

MageDok display portable monitor LCD
For creatives

I won’t lie, having a portable monitor is something that would be useful for me as a photographer and videographer. I’m not a huge gamer but I can imagine for those that are it would also be helpful. It’s an interesting Indiegog project for sure and we shall see if it makes its full funding.

We’ve recently heard about several campaigns that we’ve written about which have failed or are having issues. Our reporting on crowdfunding campaigns does not mean we support or are affiliated with them. Support at your own risk.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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