Hot iPhone 2020 RUMORS Rock the Tech World

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Technological tongues are already wagging about the latest iPhone 2020 rumors rocking the mobile tech world. From a new 5G phone and 5nm chip technology which is perhaps rolling out for Black Friday sales online, the new innovations will change the smartphone industry forever.

What are some of the hottest rumors? Well, we filtered through some of the more credible (and incredible) tales being told about the new iPhone.


Apple is one of TSMC’s largest clients. The company has reported that it will be ramping up 7nm chip production capacity, as well as ramping up its 5-nanometer production overall this year.

Will the iPhone have a 5nm chip?

This would lead to an impressive increase in power for Apple’s already innovative A-series processors. The better chip can reduce the consumption of power and lead to longer battery life for the consumer.

Size Matters

The new iPhone 2020 may boast of several sizes. According to Morgan Stanley, the new devices will come in 6,7”, 6.1”, and 5,4” display sizes. This range in sizes accommodates a broader number of price points for the phone.

5G Phones

The new Apple modem will support 5G for the iPhone this year. Qualcomm will be the likely manufacturer. Eventually, Apple will most likely move to a proprietary modem. 5G is being rolled out internationally, but not without some glitches.

New Apple Graphics Card

Rumors are flying that the new iPhone will include an Apple-designed GPU. This rumor has been plaguing Apple news for a while. Now might be the time it comes true.

Augmented Reality

New augmented reality application development is expected to rise as the iPhone utilizes new technology and 5G networks. A key component will be optical image stabilization and Time of Flight distance perception.

iPhone 2020
Apple’s AR Kit was the start of AR for Apple.

Smaller Front-Facing Cameras

Apple will include an in-display Face ID and new, smaller, front-facing cameras. A new form of Touch ID is in development and expected to come out in another year.

No Ports

The new iPhone may be an entirely wireless device with a wireless Smart Connector. While many see this as an improvement, there is some concern about whether consumers will like this new option. Why?

While the new innovation will lead to less dirt and dust getting into your iPhone, it also limits options that ports allow, such as charging quickly or externally connecting accessories like headphones or speakers. The new iPhone may have no ports whatsoever. It will take a complete rollout to see how this affects consumers.


Apple’s SIRI will be part of the new iPhone 2020 device. This incredible voice-operating system will transform how users interact with their phone. Total device integration like wearables would start a revolution in digital interaction and activity.

How many of these rumors will come to light and how many are just the stuff of fanciful tech dreams remains to be seen. What we do know is that Apple never disappoints. The company is known for innovation and breaking down doors in tech innovation. Let’s see where the future of digital technology takes us in 2020.

*This is a guest post and the opinions and commentary do not reflect those of Techaeris or its staff.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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