The castAway case transforms your mobile phone into a dual-screen device

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The dual-screen smartphone has landed and many people wouldn’t mind owning one. The big issue for most of us is that these dual-screen smartphones are a bit pricey and out of reach of our pocketbooks. The castAway case wants to change that and bring the price within your grasp.

The castAway case is a new Indiegogo campaign that says it will turn your existing smartphone into a dual-screen smartphone. The castAway case features the “world’s smallest” Chromebook that can pair to your Android or iOS device which creates the dual-screen experience.

The HD display is embedded into a durable, scratch and drop-resistant case that can fold, detach, or stand on its own. The castAway case is detachable and also rechargeable. There are two versions of this dual-screen device, one that is 5.8″ with an Indiegogo price of US$189 and a 6.3″ version with an Indiegogo price of US$199.

castAway case dual-screen
Seems like a great concept.

The heart of the castAway case dual-screen experience is MultiTask+, its custom-built, cross-platform app that pairs the case to your smartphone, letting you the user multitask like never before. Choose from a 5.8 or 6.3-inch high-definition screen that can be paired to your smartphone via the app or be used as a standalone tablet for work, gaming, viewing and more. The castAway case is device agnostic, working with 95% of all smartphones and features both an expandable SD card slot and its own lithium-ion battery which can boost your phone’s battery. In addition, the castAway features an earphone jack in the second screen that brings the joy of listening to music and media on corded earphones back to your mobile device.

“Two screens have become a necessity in our everyday lives. Whether it’s two screens on our desk or the growing need to carry both a smartphone and a tablet with us everywhere we go to entertain our kids or ourselves, we are now living in a dual-screen world,” said Ken Mages, inventor, and CEO of castAway Development Company. “We believe there’s a better, easier, and more affordable way to bring dual-screen, mobile multitasking to the masses, and that’s the castAway case.”

Built on ChromeOS and designed with users in mind, the castAway case is a phone accessory satisfying not only a void in the industry but also a need in today’s mobile-first world. Market research firm Gartner recently published a report stating that sales of smartphones are declining. Smartphone owners are holding onto their devices longer due to a perceived lack of innovation.

“Times have changed, we love our phones and don’t want to change them every year,” continued Mages. “Not to mention a majority of us don’t have $2000 to plunk down on a new dual-screen phone. The castAway case provides a better premium, one of a kind mobile experience and solution for a fraction of the price.”

To further the development of the castAway platform, MultiTask+ will be made open source via GitHub, allowing developers to create exciting and engaging new apps.

castAway case dual-screen

You can support this project over on Indiegogo.

As with any crowdfunding campaign, there is a risk of supporting them. We’ve recently heard about several that we’ve written about that have failed or are having issues. Our reporting on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or other crowdfunding campaigns does not mean we support or are affiliated with them. Support at your own risk.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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