[CES 2020] Samsung unveils its 2020 lineup of QLED 8K TVs


We are at CES 2020 where we just finished attending Samsung’s First Look event where the company unveiled its 2020 lineup of QLED 8K TVs. Samsung pulled out all the stops this year with its 8K TVs, not only are the displays better but the aesthetics are spot on and brilliant.

The 2020 QLED 8K lineup offers consumers a fantastic viewing experience as well as unparalleled smart home integration. It leverages the power of machine learning to optimize audio, video and smart capabilities. And it offers a range of smart features powered by Tizen, so consumers can more easily interact with their home and mobile devices, and access new features like Samsung Health. The demo Samsung showed us offers exercise routines you can watch on your TV and perform at home.

The company’s flagship TV in the 8K lineup is the Q950TS (which received a Best of CES 2020 award here at Techaeris).

“2020 will be a tipping point for our industry, the year when 8K broke into the mainstream as the definitive viewing experience,” said Joe Stinziano, Head of Consumer Electronics Business at Samsung Electronics America. “Our 2020 8K lineup delivers that experience. Its unprecedented immersive capabilities and unparalleled smart features empower consumers to pursue their passions more simply and more comprehensively than ever before.”


The Q950TS offers up impressive surround sound audio and a stunning, new ultra-thin form factor that brings a nearly 99% screen-to-body ratio. In addition, the Q950TS is only 15 millimeters thin and features a completely flat black, which allows consumers to place the Q950 flush against the wall or display its silhouette on a media stand.

The 2020 QLED 8K lineup reflects Samsung’s commitment to leading the industry in the implementation, adoption, and playback of 8K resolutions. Every Samsung 8K TV shipping today meets the requirements of the 8K Association’s Certified Test Specifications and carries the CTA 8K Ultra HD Display Definition logo.

This year, consumers will also be able to enjoy and stream AV1 codec videos filmed in 8K on QLED 8K TVs. All Samsung TVs in the 2020 8K line will ship with this capability built-in. And, Samsung is working with partners like YouTube to create pathways for streaming native 8K content.

In addition to building out the 8K ecosystem across the industry, the QLED 8K lineup helps consumers to experience the power of 8K resolution even when they’re watching lower resolution content. In this way, the Q950 sets the gold standard for immersive 8K picture quality.


Based on powerful Samsung semiconductor technology, the Q950’s next-generation Quantum Processor 8K features improved AI-based upscaling capabilities that use machine learning to analyze and identify the characteristics of individual pixels. It then restores different elements of the image to create a pristine 8K picture, regardless of the content source.

Samsung QLED 8K TV CES 2020

The Q950 also leverages the power of AI to ensure that nothing distracts viewers from their content. While other TV sensors can only adjust screen brightness based on the ambient light within the room, Adaptive Picture analyzes the brightness of the room, as well as the scene being played on the screen, to optimize brightness and maintain contrast in high-glare environments.

Since audio is as important as video when it comes to an immersive streaming experience, the Q950 delivers some of the best TV audio on the market. It features speakers on every side of the display, as well as woofers in the back to deliver virtual 5.1 channel surround-sound. Samsung takes this hardware to the next level, with sound features that further enhance sound immersion.

If consumers are watching a movie that hasn’t been mixed for three-dimensional sound, the audio won’t track with the movement onscreen. Object Tracking Sound+ solves this problem by detecting the movement of objects on the screen and adjusting the audio accordingly.

With Active Voice Amplifier (AVA), the Q950 can enhance voice clarity in response to ambient noise like a blender or vacuum cleaner.

Finally, Q-Symphony creates a more dynamic soundscape by pairing the Q950’s speaker with the audio of a Samsung Q series soundbar, including the 2020 CES Best of Innovation honoree, the Q800.


What do you think of Samsung’s QLED 8K TVs for 2020? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, or Facebook. You can also comment on our MeWe page by joining the MeWe social network.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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