Huawei Canada rolling out EMUI 10 starting tomorrow


If you are in Canada and are rocking a Huawei smartphone, Huawei Canada has just announced its EMUI 10 rollout schedule for supported devices.

Starting tomorrow, January 14th, EMUI 10 will start rolling out to Canadian owners of the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro Android smartphones. The rollout is slated to hit the Mate 20 Pro starting on February 4th and the P20 Pro, P20, and P30 Lite will start receiving the update starting in early March.

As outlined by Huawei Canada, the new features of the updated EMUI include:

A Seamless AI Life: Breaking the boundaries between devices, EMUI 10 enables a seamless and connected experience across devices in all scenarios. The new visual designs, coupled with significant details, will impress users at first sight and continue to engage them with long-lasting comfort.

Multi-screen Collaboration: With just a simple tap, your smart phone and laptop will transform into “ONE” super device even without Internet connection. The on-going tasks of music or video playback and file editing on your phone will resume automatically on your laptop. Your phone screen can show up on the laptop, then you can control both devices at the same time with the keyboard and mouse. You can drag and drop your files or images between devices and edit files on your laptop while messaging colleagues on your smartphone using the same keyboard.

Delight is in the details: Feast your eyes on the beauty of nature with wallpapers inspired by natural pearlescent materials, mineral veins of the Earth and waves of the sea. Following the rules of golden ratio, all the icons are re-designed and re-depicted to offer you a more visually-friendly desktop.

Immersed in Morandi Palette: Inspired by the Morandi gradient colour scheme, EMUI 10 harmonizes gentle textures with translucency to create a sense of tranquility for calming your thoughts. Stay classy, elegant and free from complications.

Tribute to the Laws of Nature: The essence of EMUI 10 animation design is to explore and follow the laws of nature and human instincts. The newly added elastic touch, swiping trajectory and comfortable transition deliver a smooth and natural experience in touch, vision and sensation.

Minimalism in Layout: We have removed all of trivial designs hindering reading and applied bigger fonts with grid lines to focus your attention. Enjoy a more enchanting reading experience with the magazine-like layouts.

Dark Mode – easy on your eyes: Instead of simply reversing the black and white colour, repeated human-centric lab tests provided undisputed reference for selecting the most comfortable colour contrast and graduation in dark mode. The human-centric dark mode avoids extreme brightness stimulation to deliver a more comfortable and immersive reading experience.

Consistently fast: Adopting the Deterministic Latency Engine, EMUI 10 optimizes the allocation of system resources intelligently to accelerate the performance from chipset level, delivering more responsive and consistent performance.

Response latency: With EMUI 10, response latency is reduced by more than 25 per cent.

Latency fluctuation: With EMUI 10, latency fluctuation is reduced more than 55 per cent.

Upgraded for your Game: The upgraded GPU Turbo aims to greatly reduce touch latency (decreasing it by 40 per cent) and extend the battery life to give you the edge in every game. Users will enjoy the high frame rate and incredible fluidity of operation in the top games.

Accelerated Switch: With upgraded HUAWEI Clone, contacts, photos, videos and all the data you need can be transferred to your new phone easily without wasting mobile data.

Safety in a Connected World: To prevent potential interception and theft, payment, authentication and other highly sensitive operations are all running in an isolated secure system whose microkernel has achieved CC EAL 5+, the highest level of security certification for consumer device OS globally. The connection setup, data transfer and information storage between devices are all encrypted in this secure environment.

The EMUI 10 update will be released as an OTA (over-the-air) update, however, users can also go to Settings > About phone > System updates > Check for updates to manually download and install it. Due to the size of the update, Huawei Canada is suggesting users do it over Wi-Fi to save on mobile data. You can read more about EMUI 10 on Huawei’s website.

What do you think about Huawei Canada’s EMUI 10 rollout? Is your Huawei smartphone scheduled to get the update? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, or MeWe.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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