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Mobile gaming is huge. By next year more than a quarter of the world’s population will be an active online gamer. It’s changing the gaming industry, too. Instead of being console-driven, 81% of digital gaming time is spent on mobile games. Engagement with mobile games increases by 10% each year, and as AR and AI technology continue to enhance games that number is likely to continue to grow.

Augmented reality in games is the feature that drives games like Pokemon Go, turning your mobile device into a screen that shows you the characters you can catch in an alternate version of reality. It’s a type of gameplay that is unique to mobile devices.

Artificial intelligence is another game-changer in mobile gaming. It gives games the ability to learn and adapt to a player’s preferences and gameplay. It can be used to generate graphics based on the user’s surroundings and can help developers make more detailed and layered levels in a fraction of the time. AI gaming bots are so advanced, in fact, that they burn through 100 human lifetimes worth of experience every single day, advancing gaming at a pace we just could not achieve without them.

Artificial intelligence is also being used for testing mobile games. This allows developers to test the speed and performance of games, the gameplay, find hidden things within games, and more without the need to have the developers spend hours, days, or even weeks working through the gameplay of a single level. With artificial intelligence, maps can be tested in less than an hour.

Artificial intelligence and augmented reality are changing the face of mobile gaming. The advancement being made are greater than the last several decades of gaming combined. Learn more about the future of mobile gaming with artificial intelligence and augmented reality from the infographic below.

Gaming and Artificial Intelligence
Source: PinkLion.AI

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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