Fiora Ultimate Wireless Car Charger turns your phone into a dashcam

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Smartphone dashboard mounts and wireless car chargers are a dime a dozen. Fiora has announced some updates to their Ultimate Wireless Car Charger mount, including an Ultimate Dash Cam app that turns your smartphone into a dashcam.

“As we launch the Ultimate Dash Cam and upgrade the Ultimate Wireless Car Charger, we celebrate elevating the safety level of drivers everywhere. Our top-quality product was born of a void in the industry — a quality wireless phone charger that charges phones quickly and reliably for the long haul. As more places seek to increase the safety level of drivers, people are turning to us to drive more safely and comply with the law.”

YJ Kim, Fiora CEO

The updated Ultimate Wireless Car Charger features 15W wireless charging and a new look with tempered glass to prevent overheating. The additional capacitor added by Fiora allows you to open and close the mount even with your vehicle engine off. Finally, the company has made refinements to the air vent clip for a sturdier grip and a more stable hold. In addition to an air vent clip, the mount comes with a dash/window suction cup for optimal placement.

The Fiora Ultimate Wireless Car Charger with dash/window mount
The Fiora Ultimate Wireless Car Charger with dash/window mount.

Compatible with iOS and Android, the Ultimate Dash Cam app can be installed on your smartphone for even more functionality. When launched it records video in 1080p resolution. It records your speed, time, date, and GPS location. Like any decent dashcam, the app records on impact and locks videos of any impact. Videos can also be stored on Google Drive, Dropbox, YouTube, and Box. With a dark mode to prevent distracted driving, the app also works in sync with Google Maps for turn-by-turn directions.

Full features of the app include:

  • Video record, capturing footage/sound, your speed, GPS location, and date/time
  • GPS function, while video recording you can use Google maps to navigate
  • Built-in manual and auto recording mode
  • Record video and sound with low/medium/high/480/720/1080 resolutions
  • Record with or without audio
  • Ability to take a photo snap shot
  • Ability to change view to back/front camera
  • Ability to scroll through all videos
  • Custom frame rate
  • Display time/speed (metric and English units)/Map on video
  • Video pauses when app minimized and option to restart when app started again
  • Turn off monitor while driving
  • Auto record/Lock video when detecting an impact
  • Night time mode, ability to dim screen while driving at night to prevent bright screen for distraction
  • Continues loop recording. Older videos are overridden by newer ones to preserve space on the device.
  • Allow to delete one/multiple or all files at once.
  • Set time range for loop recording (up to 60 minutes)
  • 2 options for how much storage space you want to store your videos: set Max capacity or allow use all of available space of your device.
  • Store recorded videos within the app or upload to the clouds (Google Drive/Drop Box/Box Drive)
  • Share video via email
  • Upload video on Youtube
  • Odometer
  • Time and Date displayed
  • GPS Functions using google maps, use in synch with Google Maps
  • By default recording time is set to loop at 2 minutes. You can adjust this in settings.
  • Screen dimming is set by default to 5 seconds. You can adjust this in settings.

The Ultimate Wireless Car Charger from Fiora is currently available for US$39.95/CA$49.95 on Amazon or through the company’s website in grey, black, silver, or red.

Three of the Fiora Ultimate Wireless Car Charger colour options
Three of the Fiora Ultimate Wireless Car Charger colour options.

What do you think about the Fiora Ultimate Wireless Car Charger? Is it something you think you might be picking up? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, or MeWe and be sure to check back in the coming weeks for our full review.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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