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Wireless charging is heading towards becoming the standard for most smartphones these days. The technology has improved year-after-year and is to the point of being included in most flagship devices and accessories. Even the Apple AirPod Pro headphones have wireless charging. This is why many of you are looking for a decent yet affordable wireless charger to use.

The totallee Wireless charger is just about perfect, from its slim and sleek design to its reasonable US$59 price tag. This wireless charger would have scored a perfect 10 had it included a USB Type-C connection instead of MicroUSB. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s not great. The lack of USB-C is a minor gripe of mine and shouldn’t hold anyone back from picking one of these up. Read on for the full review of the totallee Wireless Charger.


The totallee Wireless Charger has the following features and specifications:

  • Fast Charging up to 10W
  • Slim Design at .25″
  • LED status indicator
  • Overheating Protection
  • Foreign Object Detection
  • Compatible with totallee cases (and most other cases)
  • 2-Year Warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee

What’s In The Box

  • totallee Wireless Charger
  • MicroUSB to USB-A cable


totallee has always prided itself as being a minimalistic design company, and that carries over to this Wireless Charger. There’s really not a whole lot to talk about in terms of its looks. It’s super slim at .25″ and it basically stays out of the way.

The top pad has a nice fabric covering that feels super-premium and will protect your device from scratches, should you not have a case on it. The rest of the charger is made of high-grade aluminum and feels solid in the hand.

The bottom has a set of rubber feet that keep the wireless charger from sliding around. The front of the charger has an LED indicator showing if your device is charging. Finally, the rear of the device is where the MicroUSB port is located. I would have preferred a USB-C connection, mostly because of its reversible nature, but having MicroUSB isn’t a deal-breaker.

Overall, the design is really slim and sleek and done really well. My minor gripe of USB-C is just my personal bias against MicroUSB and is probably not an issue for most of you.

totallee wireless charger
7.5W max for iPhone and 10W max for Samsung.


Wireless charger performance can vary between manufacturers as well as devices. The totallee is supposed to deliver up to 10W of fast charging, but that will also depend on your smartphone and how it interacts with the charger.

I used the totallee Wireless Charger with my iPhone 11 Pro Max and had no problems. I did run a test using the Ampere app to see if I could get an idea of performance. While I wouldn’t say the app is a scientific testing method, it did return decent results showing that the charger was delivering 4W of power to the iPhone.

Now, this isn’t the full 10W the charger is capable of, but part of this is the fault of the iPhone. totallee does show on the back of the charger that the max output for Apple devices is 7.5W and Samsung is a max of 10W. But we also have to take into account the Ampere app may not even be measuring accurately. Since I don’t have the proper equipment to test, all I can say is that I felt this charger performed well for what I needed.

Overall, the totallee Wireless Charger works well with the iPhone 11 Pro Max. But you should know that charging performance can vary wildly between devices, and your mileage may vary.


Prices for these types of devices vary. You can get a similar device for really cheap but the build quality is generally cheap as well. I feel the US$59 that totallee is asking isn’t out of the question given the robust and clean design they’ve given this device. I think the price to value ratio is warranted here.

Wrap Up

The totallee Wireless Charger would have gotten a perfect 10 from me had they included a USB-C connection. Is that a huge problem, well, no. It’s really not a big deal for most and probably only really matters to those of us who long for USB-C to be the standard and for MicroUSB to fall to the wayside.

Overall, I’d recommend this charger for just about anyone. Its slim and clean design combined with great build quality and performance makes it a good buy.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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