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You can probably remember being a child and feeling that you could hardly wait to grow up. Now that it’s happened, you likely understand that being an adult isn’t always as easy or fun as it seemed when you were a kid. Fortunately, there’s a full assortment of tech products to help you get your life together and feel like you’ve mastered the challenges of being an adult.

1.  Tech to Boost Security

You’re more able to enjoy life after resting assured that your home and possessions are secure. One excellent way to increase security with technology is to invest in a smart security camera. There are both indoor and outdoor models available, and the cameras typically come with an app to let you look at camera feeds from wherever you are. Some will also enable you to speak into your phone to communicate with a visitor even while you’re away from home.

There are also high-tech bike locks you can buy that only grant access via a fingerprint or interaction from someone who has the correct app on a Bluetooth-enabled phone.

2. Money Management Tech

Sticking to a budget is not glamorous, but it’s necessary for helping you live a rewarding life and not be broke all of the time. Get started by downloading a personal finance app that can help you know where you stand and how to improve your spending habits. Most will sync with your bank accounts and inform you of upcoming bills or when you’re getting close to a spending milestone for the month.

You might also opt for a digital piggy bank, such as those offered by GoSave. They’re geared toward kids, but if you’re someone who gets motivated by watching your saved funds grow, a digital piggy bank may work well. It will allow you to virtually transfer funds to the piggy bank via an app, then generate monthly reports about the amounts saved.

3. Technology for Your Commute

Technology can make your commute more enjoyable. If you drive to and from the office, consider a Snailax Heating and Cooling Car Cushion to help you stay comfy regardless of the weather. But if you regularly use public transit, why not use your commute time to get some reading done? An e-reader can hold dozens of titles at once and let you highlight or take notes about passages as you read.

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Sticking to a budget is not glamorous, but it’s necessary for helping you live a rewarding life and not be broke all of the time.

4. High-Tech Stuff for the Workplace

You’ve probably experienced more than a few tech woes at work, but when technology functions as promised, it can help you get more stuff done. People who work in an open office or have lots of visitors popping their heads inside a workspace when they see an open door will appreciate the Kuando BUSYLIGHT. It has a lighted and colored occupied/available indicator, plus lets users know about incoming calls.

If you have a problem with slouching through a long day, try the BMA Ergonomics Axia Smart Chair. It gives posture feedback and vibrates when a user sits too long in a position that could cause eventual discomfort. Feeling fed up when your coffee or tea gets cold once you become engrossed in a task? Ember offers an assortment of temperature-controlled mugs that use an attached battery to keep the beverage heated to the precise temperature of your choice.

5. Technology to Keep You Moving Forward

Life can throw curveballs, and when it does, you may feel stuck in a rut and have difficulty reaching decisions you feel confident about. Business leaders often use data visualizations to facilitate decision-making. When executives see data in an easy-to-understand format, such as a bar or pie graph, they can interpret the material in a way that often allows them to grasp the details more readily.

Business leaders often rely on data visualization tools when they need to make a choice that steers what happens next or if they’ve hit a plateau that’s affecting the company’s success. Maybe there’s a similar situation happening in your personal life, and you want to make a decisive change that shapes your future. In that case, remember that is a website you can use to create a free digital vision board.

A vision board is a pictorial representation of the things you want to achieve. For example, if you’d love to run a half-marathon in the next several months, you might pick an image of a runner victoriously crossing the finish line.

6. Technology That Promotes Physical Well-Being

When you feel good, you’re more likely to have a positive outlook about what life might bring. Consider applying technology to your physical health goals by buying a fitness tracker that has all the features you want and need. Many models will remind you to move around after long periods of sitting, or they’ll urge you to take deep breaths when you’re getting stressed.

Also, a smart water bottle is a fantastic way to increase how much water you drink in a typical day. The HidrateSpark comes in a wide variety of beautiful hues, and it syncs with an app to let you keep tabs on your fluid intake and set goals.

It’s worth getting familiar with websites that offer virtual doctor visits too. Those options can’t address all medical matters, but many sites will let you get help with problems like colds and the flu by interacting with the physician via a camera and microphone.

7. Tech to Help Manage Your Mental Health

Society at large is starting to understand that it’s okay to talk about your mental health and openly discuss the strategies you use to keep your mental state in top condition. Moodbeam is a wearable tracker that will encourage you to monitor how you feel.

Then, there’s Prana, marketed as “the ultimate stress relief wearable.” It measures how you sit and breathe, then gives you a score for each aspect. Mental health professionals often coach their clients through deep-breathing exercises to cope with panic attacks or racing thoughts. Once you take care to understand more about the quality of each breath and its effects, you’ll likely agree that conscious breathing can help everyone.

When you feel good, you’re more likely to have a positive outlook about what life might bring.

8. Technology for Globetrotting Goodness

Traveling the world can expose you to new cultures and fascinating places, but dealing with unexpected issues while you’re away from home can make you feel like you’re falling apart. You can minimize the heart-sinking feelings associated with misplaced bags by purchasing some smart luggage tags and trackers. Also, think about splurging on a new suitcase that has a built-in power supply. ROLLOGO offers luggage with power banks that charge when you roll the bag across a surface.

Don’t forget to download Google Translate. The app receives continual improvements, and it could help you avoid language-based difficulties.

9. Tech to Help You Have an Impressive Abode

Your home is probably the place where you spend the most time outside of work. In fact, due to the rising popularity of remote jobs, many people both work and live at their residences. Plenty of tech products can help you love your house and feel good about inviting people to visit.

One option is to purchase a smart thermostat that can help you keep your home at a pleasant temperature. Some will enable you to choose specific settings for each room, and others will suggest what temperature to pick for maximum energy savings. Next, a Roomba from iRobot can make vacuuming simple by moving around the room to clean floors without your help.

Of course, smart speakers, such as the models available from Amazon and Google, are crowd-pleasers during virtually any occasion. Need to play music, find a fact to settle an argument or play a trivia game? Smart speakers can do all those things and more. They can also assist by giving you cooking measurements and recipe ideas if you’re preparing to welcome a group and don’t want them to leave hungry.

10. Technology to Support Good Sleep Habits

Some of the products covered in the well-being-related categories above have sleep health aspects. However, you can also buy tech gadgets that take sleep quality to the next level. Many situations seem less overwhelming if you’re well-rested, so getting good sleep is crucial for thriving in life.

The Pod by EIGHT SLEEP is a mattress that will learn your ideal sleep temperature, then dynamically adjust to suit it. There’s also Dodow, a “light metronome” that teaches users to fall asleep faster.

If snoring disrupts your sleep and the slumber of a partner, Smart Nora may save the day. It’s a pillow insert that detects snoring and gently moves the area under your head to help you resume a normal — and quieter — breathing pattern.

Let Technology Complement Your Life

People often say, “Life is what you make it.” Indeed, having a positive attitude about whatever you encounter is beneficial. But as this list shows, some well-chosen tech gadgets can also help you feel more on top of things and make others admire how well you’ve gotten your life together.

What tech do you use to help you through life? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, or Facebook. You can also comment on our MeWe page by joining the MeWe social network.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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