Infographic: The science and tech behind next-gen education


What if we could use all the technology we have in the private sector to give students a chance to prepare for what they will be doing in the real world? It turns out that wherever there is funding to do so, teachers are already implementing technology as fast as they can. Teachers understand the value of technology in the classroom as a means to provide students with educational opportunities that align with jobs they might find upon graduation, but there’s another reason teachers love tech in classrooms: personalization of education.

The single greatest reason teachers see for implementing education-focused technology in the classroom is that it gives students the opportunity to learn at their own pace and receive additional information if it is needed. Video can be used to give students the opportunity to take learning outside the classroom, and chatbots can be used to guide learning so students can set their own pace.

98% of teachers anticipate the future of education tech in classrooms will give students self-paced curriculums, and they believe that video will play a big part in the personalization of a student’s educational experience. 89% of teachers are interested in integrating AR, AI, and 360 video into the classroom experience.

When students have access to the latest education tech in classrooms the obvious benefit is that they will already know how to use the tech when they reach their careers. But there’s also another hidden benefit of tech in classrooms – it gives students access to a world they wouldn’t otherwise be able to see, which gives them the ability to see careers they might not know exist.

86% of educators believe that tech exposure in schools is critical in preparing students for their future careers. It gives students the ability to learn at their own pace, it exposes students to career paths they might not otherwise know about, and it puts them in charge of their own futures.

Learn more about the future of tech in classrooms from the infographic below.

Re-Imagining Schools
Source: Best Education Degrees

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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