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Back in September of 2019, we started a new series called, “Streaming free on IMDb TV.” We ran a couple of these streaming free articles but then IMDb TV fell silent on us and didn’t bother sending us new updates. We had the sads for a few months thinking the company all but shut us out. It caused many sleepless nights and countless hours of binge-watching IMDb shows hoping they would take us back in.

Well, it worked! After months of binging on old ’80s, ’90s, and ’00s movies IMDb TV finally emailed us again, this time with what’s streaming free in March 2020. All kidding aside, we did lose contact with them for a few months and when they finally touched base with us again we told them we thought our streaming free series was doing well. So they’re sending the lists out to us once again and here we go with what’s streaming free on IMDb TV March 2020:

TV Shows Available March 1, 2020 (All episodes)

Movies Available March 1, 2020

Movie Available March 10, 2020

Movie Available March 19, 2020

Movie Available March 22, 2020

streaming free IMDb TV
Starsky & Hutch 2004

Now, these aren’t the latest and greatest movies out there but (frankly…some of them are outright crappy), oftentimes there’s at least something for everyone. There’s also plenty more content on IMDb TV than just what’s listed above and if you have Amazon Prime, you have access to all of it. I’m actually excited for the 2004 version of Starsky & Hutch. Sure, it’s not the best movie ever made but it is a fun time waster and worth watching.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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