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No one talks about the internet today. It has just become so ingrained in our lives that it is no longer an interesting topic of discussion. Instead, people are focusing on artificial intelligence. In this article, we will go over ten of the most interesting and important facts about artificial intelligence (AI) that will make you understand why it is an inevitable part of our lives and our future.

1. Artificial intelligence probably thinks it’s been around for ages

Artificial intelligence acts like a person waking up from a coma. It suddenly realizes its possibilities and its strength, but it doesn’t know how it got there. One thing that artificial intelligence (AI) is capable of doing is going over all of the data ever recorded on the internet.

2. It is going to be our private chauffeur

The autonomous vehicle market size at the moment is somewhere over $60 billion. The predictions are that by 2026 this number is going to turn into something like $556 billion. The rise of the market is almost 40% CAGR, which speaks about how big the autonomous vehicle market is going to become in the future.

Why is this information important? Well, autonomous vehicles are almost entirely driven by AI robots. The future of the automobile industry is electric. It’s clear that in the future, all vehicles will be driverless, and AI software will be getting us from point A to point B.

3. Revenues will go through the roof

According to artificial intelligence statistics, the revenues that companies see from the presence of AI were around $1.62 billion in 2018. This number is expected to reach $31.2 billion in 2025.

The entire market is expected to reach $169 billion by the same time, which is a 55.6% CAGR growth. That puts it among the fastest-growing industries in the world.

The reason for this growth lies in the use of AI in almost all industries. Marketers see it as one of the three most important features in their part of the business in the future. A total of 26% think this is going to be the next biggest marketing trend.

4. Home safety is already taken over by AI

Did you know that the number one best-selling product on Amazon in 2019 was their Echo smart speaker? Do you know why? Because Echo is driven by artificial intelligence and is capable of controlling all the appliances around the home.

And not just that, the home safety systems are already largely controlled by one computer driven by an AI software able to recognize threats and safety issues around the home. Together with the “not so important” issues, like turning lights on and off, or checking if the oven is left turned on after you left the house, AI is becoming the most important feature of every modern home.

5. Marketing is benefiting from it

One of the industries where AI finds the most use at the moment is marketing. Even if you might not be aware of this, chances are you have seen ads on the internet that were provided by AI-driven software.

AI is like a little spy in our lives. Have you ever noticed a site asking you to accept cookies? That is an invitation for AI technology in your computer. It scans your needs, wishes, and recent clicks on the internet. That’s how it learns when it’s time to present an ad for something it thinks you need to see.

artificial intelligence
Stephen Hawking claimed that AI is going to be the reason for the end of humanity.

6. Some enhance it – some fear it

The opinions are different about the importance of AI and whether its use is ethically justified. There’s a large group of people who think the rise of AI is a danger to humanity. Still, at the same time, lots of companies are using the benefits from it and, more importantly, investing in further development to make it even stronger.

Some of those who think AI is the best thing that happened to humanity are big companies like Amazon and Google, who just invested $400 million in DeepMind, a startup that has big plans for AI development.

On the other side are giant minds and entrepreneurs like Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates. Stephen Hawking claimed that AI is going to be the reason for the end of humanity. Elon Musk has also warned about the dangers of AI on several occasions.

7. The job market is seeing a dramatic change

One of the things that Stephen Hawking warned about is the loss of jobs due to the rise of AI. Even though the professor passed away in 2018, his predictions seem to be becoming true. All facts show that people are losing their jobs because of AI.

In fact, some predictions say that by 2022, some 75 million will lose their jobs. They’ll either need to retrain or become jobless. What’s good in this report from the World Economic Forum is that they claim some additional 133 million jobs will open because of the same reason. That means people will go through some serious changes if they want to stay employed.

8. Humans are still smarter, but computers are faster

Did you know that humans aren’t capable of multitasking? Contrary to popular opinion, the human brain can’t perform two tasks at the same time. However, our processor is so fast that it is capable of switching from one task to another and back to the first one again in a matter of time limit so small we can’t even understand.

Humans are smarter now, but all this may change somewhere around 2060, according to some predictions. Until then, AI-driven computers will be powerful enough to do the same as us. With the data they’ll have then, and the speed of operating, we can only imagine what they’ll be capable of accomplishing.

9. AI can be connected as one giant superbrain

There’s a research lab in Graz, Austria, where AI computers are connected together for testing. The researchers realized that these computers could be connected together and share everything among them.

Basically, connecting more AI-driven processors can create one giant superbrain. They can share information, share specific tasks with each other to make something faster and better, and with it, make sure more jobs are done by several computers that look like it was done by a single entity.

10. There’s a possibility that AI will develop empathy

MIT, one of the best technology research places in the world, developed an AI robot that is able to read people’s feelings. Sure, this is just a small step, and it can’t necessarily be considered empathy. But, for now, we can say it’s clear that this is the first step.

The robot is called Kismet, and it was first developed in 1990 from Cyntia Breazeal. Now, this AI-driven computer can recognize when a human is blue and act accordingly. According to it, the software chooses what tone of voice to reply with, how to act, and what to say. You can say this is rather impressive. Even Mr. Data from Star Trek never learned to share feelings, so this might be a real breakthrough. 


If you’re an AI lover and you can’t wait for the developers and engineers to do their best work and make a world filled with robots, you’re probably excited about all these things.

If you’re on the side of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Stephen Hawking, you’re probably scared enough to wonder why anyone would finance something like this.

The future is now, and AI shows that very soon, we will be living a reality that is much different than everything we know now. We just need to wait and see how things will develop.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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