Six jaw-dropping and stand-out gamer girl room ideas

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Gamer girls are getting popular in the social sphere, and it doesn’t look like they’re ready to slow down anytime soon! These girls know how to maximize their leisure time. And it’s no doubt they’ve got the most exquisite gamer girl room ideas you’ve ever heard of.

Stand-out gamer girls add a light pink gaming chair to go with their room design. This adds beauty to your room and will make you feel special every time you get the games on!

If you’re a gamer girl, then there surely has to be a distinct taste in how you set up your room. With so many gamer guys having filth littering their game rooms, the girls have got to stand out!

Based on the urgent need for a good set of gamer room ideas, I’ve got the top picks to make your selection easier. These choices will surely create a different ambiance in your room and will turn heads whenever someone takes a look-see.

Idea 1 – All pink

There’s nothing you don’t love when it’s coated in pink. That’s what you’ve come to know and love. And being a gamer girl doesn’t change anything about your weakness for pink.

First off, you need a fancy table to hold your monitors. The table should be colored in pink, of course, and have enough space for a PC and 32” gaming monitor.

To make your life easier, there are lots of choices for pink-colored TVs and PCs in stores. So getting one is sure to be a breeze.

After that, you need to focus on your seats. The best choice for such a wide table should be an equally full chair. A regular gaming chair won’t be the ideal pick in this case as it could be a bit small.

It would be best if you had a gaming chair with an ample seating area that’s easy to fit with the table to create more space in your room.

After that, you could get a device stand underneath the table or beside the monitor. Items such as your router, console, and more will rest here for natural linking to your devices.

Also, don’t forget your pink mattress and room overlay to create the perfect gamer girl aura at all times.  

Idea 2 – Compact

gamer girl
Nice and compact

When a gamer girl’s got it bad for gaming, the compact design could be an ideal choice. It features a large desk, capable of holding a lot of stuff. On this table, you can keep two to three monitors lined side-by-side, ample keyboard space, and lots more!

Such features make it easier to handle playing games that require a much wider screen. Linking up your monitors could provide extended space to enjoy your games all the more.

Then, most importantly, comes your gaming chair. A standard gaming chair is what’s required with a beautiful ergonomic design. The gaming chair should have functional rollers to allow more straightforward navigation of equipment during a game.

Idea 3 – Wall fitted and two-sided

This design is perfect for the gamer girl with an undying passion for gaming. It’s ideal for rooms with a lot of space to set up equipment, wall space to be specific. And note that your wall space should be across half of two sides of your room’s wall

At least five monitors with wall brackets are fitted on the walls. Also, there’s got to be ample leg room at both sides where your monitors are placed. Then you can get a table with a few compartments to hold your console, PC accessories, and lots more!

After you’re through with fittings, lighting is also essential. You’ll get the most from this design with the correct form of illumination.

Make use of cheerful colors such as blue and green. Ensure these colored lights are fitted away from direct eye-sight but are open enough to glow across the room.

Finally, a proper gaming chair will totally complete the setup of your game room. Get a good gaming chair with armrests as you may be gaming for a long while.

Idea 4 – Spacious and fully-equipped

This design works best in a room with a lot of space for extra furniture. The first thing you need is a good, three-set sofa. Make sure the couch is situated to face a wall. On the wall, it’s best you mount within a 42” – 55” monitor for a higher view of your gaming environment.

After this, situate a desk very close to your window and mount a trifecta of monitors for more comfortable gaming. The desk’s monitors shouldn’t be as large as the one on your wall.

For this design, you’ll have the console connected to the much larger monitor while the smaller monitors will be for only PC games.

There should be ample room to allow free movement from one part of your station to another hassle-free.  

Idea 5 – Mattress, monitor, games

When you don’t really like using a gaming chair, it’s a perfect choice to look at this design. You’ll have to get a 55” – 65” monitor to make the design more comfortable.

After this, the next thing you should get is a sofa comfy enough to sit on facing the monitor. For such a design, you need the right set of wires to link your PC and console to the monitor.

Also, you need to get the right amount of elevation for your mattress to make viewing the screen easier.

Idea 6 – Simple, complete, colorful

gamer girl
Very colorful

Such a design is perfect for gamer girls with a small room. The first thing to add is a sturdy table to go hold your gaming hardware.

After this, you need to get a good 27” – 32” monitor to fit on your table. You could get a good set of rugs to rest your legs on, but it’s optional.

Get your processor, keyboard, and console on the table, connected to your monitor of course. Then make sure you’ve got the right gaming chair to keep you rested, even after long gaming hours.

Also, you’ll need proper lighting. Bright but not blinding is the way to go. Ensure the light doesn’t interfere with the screen to assure quality gaming at all times.

You can make choices for a mattress and other bedroom stuff if you wish to rest after a long time with your gadgets.


Gamer girls out there are sure to love the ideas we’ve presented in this article and this can help make a quick choice for a dream game room, and enjoy it to the fullest!

Are you a gamer girl? What does your gamer girl room dream setup look like? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, or Facebook. You can also comment on our MeWe page by joining the MeWe social network.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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