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When it comes to business management, there are few aspects trickier to handle than IT services. While it might not be an issue for industries that do not require the use of ITSM, more and more industries are making use of IT services to provide a better experience for their customers. A traditional method would be to make use of an in-house development team to get the job done from within your business.

While an in-house team is a good idea, it can be an extremely expensive venture, especially if you happen to run a small business, or are just starting out with a startup company. Any startup running in an industry that requires IT services can be tricky – but an in-house team is not the only solution. Here are a few reasons to outsource IT services!

You will not have to worry about server-side problems

While it might be a great idea to go with an in-house team if you happen to have the resources, keep in mind that you will also have to take care of any problems that arise within the IT processes. If there is an issue that is big enough to shut the server down while your team makes repairs, it can result in a substantial loss of revenue. On the other hand, outsourcing IT services from sources such as Joe the IT guy ensures that you make use of companies that know their way around incident response.

The price of admission is lower than you think

One of the reasons why a company might make use of an in-house team is due to the fact that you only have to worry about paying once for the expensive equipment. On the other hand, you have to continually pay an ITSM company to deal with IT services for your company. While it might end up being the better route, in the long run, the benefits you receive are well worth the price of admission. For most small businesses, going with ITSM providers will help save money, all the while providing IT advantages to smaller and newer businesses.

It guarantees success

Depending on the provider you use for IT services, it could end up guaranteeing the success of your company in the IT landscape. For small businesses, the success of their IT services will make or break their company, which is why it is ideal to outsource IT services to a veteran provider. It guarantees the success of your business, and you will not have to worry about dealing with any server-side issues. For those who have to worry about making use of IT services, the outsourcing of such tasks can be a lifesaver for many companies.

While developing an in-house team is still a good business decision for larger companies, there will always be room for alternatives. In many ways, outsourcing IT services provides the same results. You will receive all of the benefits that come with making use of IT in a competitive industry, without having to worry about the drawbacks.

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Increase Competitiveness

Outsourcing IT services can increase the competitiveness of the company. It will allow more resources to be diverted in other areas such as customer relations, product development, and marketing. It costs the company more resources to maintain the IT services themselves, for example, more workers need to be hired. The additional labor cost can lead to an increase in the product price. You may lose some business as people turn to another store that charges a lower price for the same product. In addition, more time will also be spent by the R&D team on researching better IT services. Hence, the workers will have lesser time to spend on coming up with new products for the inventories.

Recover Fast When Disaster Hits

No one can predict what happens; a disaster can strike down your IT infrastructure at any time. If this happens, you will have to cover a lot of damages including employee injuries, structural and insurance claims. However, if you outsource IT services, all these problems will be taken care by the provider and you will still be able to resume business operation as usual. The IT services provider is equipped with professionals who know all about data recovery. They have the right equipment at their disposal to repair the infrastructure so that all operations can resume without any problem.

IT Services Organizations Has Well Trained Professionals

Maintaining your own IT services requires you to have qualified employees that hold the right certifications such as Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE). It can take weeks or months to train your employees to have the skill with which to provide the support the company needs. Most small businesses don’t have employees that are already experienced in handling IT infrastructure. Things can go wrong if your IT department is handled by employees that are not trained and certified. However, outsourcing to a third-party organization will allow you to enjoy quality IT services from the beginning.

Level the Playing Field

Small businesses don’t have the resources to keep up with the in-house support that is run by larger companies. However, outsourcing will enable small businesses to enjoy the same advanced technology as larger companies. The third-party provider can manage the cost structure more efficiently so that your company can have a competitive advantage in the industry. As you can see, it will help to level the playing field between small and large firms.

Reduce Risks in Business Operations

Every business has to face risks in their operations. You face competition from other companies in the same industry. There is also the government regulation that can constantly change. Outsourcing to a third-party IT services organization will ensure that all these risks are taken care of. The IT professionals have years of experience that enable them to make the right decisions when coming to helping your company avoid risks.

Ensure Compliance with Latest Security Standards

IT services organizations have professionals that are knowledgeable in the latest compliance and security regulations. They can help you to keep the firewall up to date, audit the workstations and servers, DMZ installation, and implementation of PCI standards. You can never be too safe with client account data given so many incidents of data getting stolen in the past. For example, there was one incident where the account data of 15 million users of T-Mobile were stolen.

Hackers also break into the V-tech server and stole as the data of as many as 4.8 million users. This is why it is necessary to outsource to an IT services company if your company does not have workers that are competent enough to handle these tasks. It is an act of due diligence, especially if your company is accepting a variety of payment methods such as gift certificates, credit cards, and wire transfers.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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