Infographic: What is the future of online learning?


Online learning has boomed in the past few years and especially in the past few weeks as students have been sent home due to COVID-19. This online learning tech is being put to the test as a result. But looking at the new learning tech itself can help show us what might be in store. Online learning tech has many different iterations and each has its own pros and cons. Mobile learning offers learners the freedom to discover whenever they want to and it lets instructors monitor their students’ learning easier. 

Virtual reality and augmented reality are supplementing the experience of online learning and are delivering a more engaging learning experience. 89% of educators are interested in using more AR and VR for their teaching anyway, and now is the perfect chance for them to try it out. 98% of teachers believe that interactive video will become a big part of learning, and those already using it are at an advantage now that remote learning has become the norm, at least for now. 

Online learning is surging in popularity, and many cite its ability to help them promote their work/life balance as one of the biggest reasons for choosing it. Remote learning gives learners the ability to work at their own pace and work around other commitments in their lives.

Because of the global quarantine situation, remote learning is also helping those who need to do school work as well as those who want to use their time off to enhance their skills. Students who lack technology and internet access at home are able to tap into resources being made available from internet service providers, libraries, schools, and more to ensure that this new type of learning is available to everyone.

Find out the benefits of online learning and how online learning is being used now during this epidemic here.

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The Future Of Distance Learning


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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


Infographic: Remote work in the coronavirus economy

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