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The entire economy is being affected by COVID-19. As more people have been asked to remain at home, businesses have been forced to close and even nonprofits are feeling the pinch at a time when their services are more needed than ever. Even churches are feeling the pinch. While many are doing services remotely using live streaming video, television, and even the radio, people are still wanting a way to give back to their churches and communities during these difficult times. 

Giving is something that can make us feel better about our current situation. Many of us are sitting at home feeling helpless, depressed, and run down from stress. Giving in times of need is one of the many ways we can look after our mental health while also looking after our communities.

Right now food banks are falling short on donations and volunteers, and even blood drives have been canceled as communities struggle to flatten the curve. Everything is going digital, and churches are no exception.

Churches that are using digital means to stay connected are seeing a surge in attendance, app signups, and more. In Seattle, one church saw an increase in app downloads of 60% along with a 23% increase in digital attendance. In Southern California, one church saw four times the number of online attendees as usual and had 1400 commit to membership remotely. 

Most churches still rely on in-person cash donations, though, which makes sustaining their services difficult in the long-term. Fortunately, there are apps designed to make it easier for people to give digitally all year, but which are especially important during times of quarantine.
Giving back to your community doesn’t have to stop just because you are safe at home under quarantine. Learn more about online giving during a pandemic from the infographic below.


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Giving in a Global Pandemic Infographic

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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