Comply AirPods Pro Tips review: These should make a lot of people happy

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AirPods Pro are probably the most popular true-wireless headphones among Apple users for good reason. They work really well. While they don’t have the best noise-canceling on the market, it’s good enough for most. Plus the ease of pairing and integration into the Apple ecosystem is a huge factor for many. But for some, the included ear tips are just not good enough and that’s why the Comply AirPods Pro Tips exist.

Comply AirPods Pro Tips are malleable foam ear tips made for the AirPods Pro that should give most a better listening experience. These tips are made by the company Comply, who have been making ear tips for awhile now. Before we dive too deep, I have to say that I wasn’t unhappy with Apple’s stock tips as they are, so this review is coming from a very neutral perspective. I know many are frustrated with Apple’s tips, and in the end, I think this could be an excellent solution for many of them.

Comply instructions
Installation instructions


We were sent the multi-size pack of Comply AirPods Pro which included these features:

  • Secure Fit
  • All-day Comfort
  • Noise Isolation
  • Guaranteed Fit Program

What’s In The Box

  • 3 pair of Comply AirPods Pro Tips
  • Instructions for use printed on the packaging
  • You can get them in 3 different sizes or all 3 of the same size
Comply Air Pods Pro Tips review
I actually like the way these look.


What is there to say about the design of ear tips? The Comply AirPods Pro Tips are made of Comply’s patented foam material which is malleable. This makes them easy to pinch and squeeze so they can expand in your ear.

That expansion fills in any gaps that may be there with the Apple ear tips. One thing I noticed with the Comply AirPods Tips was that they don’t have as much foam as other headphone tips. Most of this has to do with the way Apple designed its AirPods Pro.

Installing these is just like installing Apple’s version. They simply snap on and off and because of this, the Comply material isn’t as big. These also have the earwax guard like Apple’s version. Now, I know that some people have complained about the comfort of Apple’s tips, I have never had an issue with them. Comply’s version is supposed to improve on comfort, I can’t say that they do but I can say that they felt comfortable to me. I had no issue wearing them for 3+ hours. They simply do not feel like they’re even there. Your mileage may vary.

The Comply AirPods Pro Tips also fit nicely into the AirPods charging case. I had no issues closing the lid nor did the lid get stuck or caught up on the tips.

Overall, these are really well designed, they look just like the Apple ear tips, except these are black and made of Comply materials.

Comply Air Pods Pro Tips review
No issues with fitting into the case.


As I mentioned before, I really have had no issues with Apple’s ear tips, but I understand many do have issues. Some of those issues include comfort and noise isolation. Well, I can say that the Comply AirPods Pro Tips are comfortable and easy to wear. I felt no fatigue or ear pain even after 3+ hours of use.

The other area is that of noise isolation. While I think the Apple ear tips do a decent job of noise isolation, I can safely confirm that the Comply version does a bit better in this department. If you properly put these on, you will notice a difference in noise isolation versus the Apple version. I don’t think it’s an earth-shattering difference but for some it may be significant enough.

The Comply AirPods Pro Tips also have the earwax guard that helps to keep your AirPods drivers clean. I noticed that some users were worried they didn’t include this important part of the tip.

Overall, I think these tips performed just as advertised and they certainly have a leg up in noise isolation over Apple’s.

Comply ear tips
They do have the earwax guard built-in.


The Comply AirPods Pro Tips will set you back US$24.99 and the company is taking pre-orders now. There is no word on when they will start shipping but we hope it’s soon. I do think that there is value here for those who want more comfort as well as better noise isolation.

Wrap Up

I’m not sure I would personally buy these, mostly because I don’t have any issues with the stock Apple tips. But for many, the Apple tips are just uncomfortable and I think the Comply AirPods Pro Tips are more comfortable. Also, many want better noise isolation, in this regard, I do think that these do much better than the Apple stock tips. I think, if you absolutely want better noise isolation, buy these. If you want more comfort, you may or may not be happy.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.

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Nailed it

  • Easy to install
  • They do have the same earwax guard as Apple's
  • Do a good job of noise isolation
  • Comfortable with prolonged use

Needs work

  • May be pricey for some

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