GamLokR Controller Grips review: Eliminate slips while gaming

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Grips, or skins, for gaming controllers are nothing new. You’ll find them all over the internet for various prices and systems. Today, we’ll be reviewing the GamLokR Controller Grips for the Xbox, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. They reduce fatigue, eliminate slips, have a full wrap-around coverage area, and more.


  • Increase comfort
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Eliminate slips
  • 100% made in USA
  • Non slip rubber texture provides the perfect grip on your controller
  • Full wrap around coverage of gripping area
  • Low profile grip does not affect the controller’s ergonomics
  • Provides a premium feel and look

What’s in the box

  • Xbox/PlayStation 4/Nintendo Switch grips
  • Bumper and trigger grips (optional purchase)
  • Instructions and cleaning pads


As far as design is concerned, the GamLokR controller grips are appealing when you look at them. They only come in one color which is black but they have this odd but nice touch of bumpy non-slip rubber texture that feels great in hand.

The grips come fully spread out and flat in an envelope. This is great since you don’t have to look for different pieces to add to the controller. Once applied, the grip covers about 80 percent of the controller. The parts that aren’t covered are the ends of the controller and other parts where your hands don’t actually touch.

GamLokR Controller Grip Xbox Front
GamLokR grip on front of Xbox controller

GamLokR has its “G” logo on each of the controllers in different spots of the grip depending on the system you have. Xbox controllers have the logo in between the View and Menu buttons, the PlayStation 4 controller has the logo in the bottom left, and the Nintendo Switch has it on both on the left and right Joy-Con controllers at the bottom along with the back of the device above the kickstand.


I’ve put grips on different things before from gaming consoles to smartphones and to my gaming controllers, so this isn’t something new to me. That being said, let me say that you will need to watch the installation video for the grip you’ll be using on your controller.

The instructions that come with the grips are descriptive but don’t explain exactly how to put the grips on. For instance, the PlayStation 4 grip application has you start on the bottom side of the controller where the serial number sticker is and go from there. Once you line up the box, you can press the adhesive down and start to slowly remove the back layer of the grip to get the rest of it to stick to the controller.

GamLokR Controller Grip Back PS4
Backside of PlayStation 4 controller with grip

Here’s where the interesting part comes in. You’re supposed to “roll grip from center to edges” which sounds easy enough but you have to line each cutout up when you wrap the grip around the controller. After you get one side done, you do the same to the other.

The Xbox controller is the same way. Line up the holes with the thumbsticks, press firmly, and put the rest of the grip on the controller. The PlayStation 4 controller has a little more to add on for the directional pad and buttons on the front. Line up the circle grip part with the buttons and press down firmly from there.

Now, if you have or plan on getting a Nintendo Switch (not the Switch Lite), this is the easiest installation of them all. You’re putting the grips on the Joy-Cons, the back of the system, and the Joy-Con Grip controller. Starting off with the Joy-Cons, you’re going to line up the holes on the grip with the thumbsticks and press down to have the adhesive stick to the controller. After that, wrap the grip around to the other side and then line up the side and you’re good to go. The backplate grip lines up just fine and the Joy-Con Grip controller is set up the same way the Xbox and PlayStation 4 controllers.

For those who are adding the bumper and trigger grips will find out that this is probably the easiest part of the installation process. Line up the grips with the bumpers and triggers and firmly press down until they stick. That’s it. Nothing more to do after that.

GamLokR Controller Grip Bumper Trigger
Bumper and Triggers of PlayStation 4 and Xbox controllers gripped

If you’re a visual/hands on person like I am, you’ll definitely understand where I’m coming from. Don’t get me wrong, the grips aren’t difficult to put on but once you see how it’s done on a video, it makes the instructions more understanding.

Another slight issue I ran in to is the grips don’t fully lay flush against the controller when installed. Even after using a hair dryer to make sure the adhesive is fully applied, there are still little bumps around the curved portions of the controllers. Over time I got used to it, so it wasn’t that big of a deal but for some, it might be an issue. I tried to reinstall them again but still ended up with the same little bumps.


On the performance side of things, they did pretty well for what it’s worth. After gaming for 30 minutes to an hour or so, my hands didn’t cramp or feel slippery as they would without the GamLokR grips.

Occasionally, the controllers did get a little slippery because of how long I was gaming (at least 2 hours) or how hard I was gripping my Xbox or PlayStation 4 controller or Switch. The plus side is that after drying my hands, the grip was back to being normal and didn’t get slippery again hours later.


GamLokR offers three different grips depending on the console you use. If you have an Xbox, PlayStation, or the Nintendo Switch, there’s a GamLokR for you. Both the Xbox and PlayStation 4 controller grips are priced at US$19.99 while those who have a Nintendo Switch will be paying $24.99. Personally, I think that the prices are pretty inexpensive for what you’re getting.

You also have the option to purchase the bumper and trigger grips for your Xbox or PlayStation 4 controller for an additional $4.99.

Wrap Up

Overall, I’m pretty content with the GamLokR controller grips. Aside from the mediocre instructions, I’d definitely recommend these to someone who is looking for a skin to add to their Nintendo Switch, Xbox, or PlayStation 4 controller.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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