Panasonic announces the Toughbook A3 along with Android platform features

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Panasonic is adding the Toughbook A3 tablet to its Android line of devices but it’s also adding something called Productivity+. Productivity+ is a suite of Android support solutions to futureproof rugged mobile deployments for existing and new customers transitioning to the Android operating system.

Productivity+ is a multi-faceted offering that features hardware, software, and professional services, including from an extensive support partner ecosystem to capitalize on the modernization and digitization of rugged mobile devices. Adding to this Android offering, Panasonic announced today the newest addition of the TOUGHBOOK A3 device to the Panasonic family of rugged devices for Android™, which builds on a long-running history of durability and reliability of the TOUGHBOOK product family.


The Toughbook A3 itself is the company’s solution for companies and workers seeking a mobile and rugged tablet option. As with all of Panasonic’s Toughbook line, the A3 is weatherproof, dustproof, and should be able to take a beating. One of the more interesting features is the 10.1″ display that is supposed to deliver a brightness that is viewable outdoors under the sun.

Panasonic announces the Toughbook A3 along with Android platform features
Fire and Rescue is an excellent industry where the Toughbook A3 could be used.

Here’s what Panasonic had to say about the Toughbook A3 and Productivity+:

Panasonic’s line of Android solutions provides customers across industries – whether existing Android users or those considering a replacement for legacy operating systems – the support and services to future proof their operations by leveraging the capabilities of modern mobile devices. Android, the top operating system for rugged mobile deployments following Windows CE’s end of life, gets real-time information in the hands of decision-makers in the field to drive better business outcomes.

“Panasonic is fully committed to customers transitioning from Windows CE to Android. Whether enterprise, the federal government, public sector, utilities, or manufacturing, industries built upon the support of the mobile workforce likewise need support to modernize mobile devices,” said Magnus McDermid, Senior Vice President Mobility Solutions, Panasonic System Solutions Company of North America. “The technology ecosystem that powers these industries is complex, but Panasonic provides comprehensive support tailored to the needs of our customers and current market demands, which allows them to seamlessly transition to Android and update their rugged mobile device deployments.”

Designed to address the demands of today’s diverse mobile work environments, the new TOUGHBOOK A3 offers features that are tailored to the needs of the mobile workforce, including outdoor viewable screen and Panasonic’s patented rain-touch functionality. With a 10.1 inch screen and 6-foot drop rating, the TOUGHBOOK A3 is suited for users across industries to tackle the toughest jobs and mission-critical applications. The TOUGHBOOK A3 joins Panasonic’s suite of devices for Android – offering customers a diversity of form factors. The full family of Panasonic TOUGHBOOK rugged mobile devices for Android include:

Panasonic announces the Toughbook A3 along with Android platform features
Logistics is an excellent use case for the Toughbook A3.
  • Toughbook A3 – 10.1″ tablet
  • Toughbook L1 – 7″ tablet
  • Toughbook T1 – 5″ handheld
  • Toughbook N1 – 4.7″ handheld

Panasonic’s productivity+ features software solutions for mobile device development, deployment, and sustainment for customers, whether existing Android users or those considering the transition. Productivity+ offers the ability to rewrite applications, configure device settings, and define user access for Android devices. The platform supports mobile deployments across industries with features that enable IT managers to seamlessly configure, deploy, and sustain devices while preserving legacy applications. Additionally, end-users are able to operate devices securely to protect proprietary data and ensure devices are always updated and ready for work, wherever and however tough the job may be.

Panasonic’s support partner ecosystem is comprised of highly qualified partners that offer exclusive support to customers and have been specifically selected for their industry expertise. This network enables collaboration with independent software vendors, resellers, and third-party accessories built to support a technology stack that brings multiple technologies together to meet customers’ complex needs. By working with software vendors proactively both pre- and post-deployment, Panasonic creates value for customers by ensuring software integrates flawlessly with various devices and provides customized solutions tailored to the mobile workforce’s specific job requirements.

Panasonic ProServices offer the support needed to power Android solutions at every stage of the customer’s journey. Panasonic’s long-term Android service support also features a consultation, replacement services as well as multi-year, global warranties with expeditious turnaround times. For complete product details, please visit

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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