Infographic: Reimagine your company communication strategy for remote teams


The importance of communication and collaboration in the workplace is paramount. For businesses to remain operational and efficient, employees must have access to peer-to-peer communication and streamlined access to business resources in order to ensure optimum productivity. When teams work together in one physical office space, this is easy. Anyone can quickly check with the availability of the other stakeholders, host meetings or causally catch up on updates during a coffee break. But when employees work remotely, collaborating, and communicating when everyone is remote is difficult.

The teams are heavily dependent on communication tools to get in touch with each other, which are often latent- like email, or cluttered with personal contacts and data- like WhatsApp. Businesses clearly need to invest in a team communication tool to mitigate these challenges and enable remote teams to have consistent communication with their peers as well as secure access to business resources.

And this is where the decision-makers are stuck. The options are overwhelming when it comes to remote communication tools but not all of them are ideal for remote teams, do not guarantee the tool to be exclusive for business communication (which is crucial to avoid employee distractions) and do not necessarily offer robust security for the data that is rapidly shared over these tools- especially when connected over unknown, public and shared networks.

This is where a communication tool designed especially for remote teams steps in. It not only solves the challenges of maintaining exclusivity for business use but also helps in upkeeping data security, in turn impacting the employee productivity and business continuity positively.

In this infographic, we have identified the challenges of remote team communication, in-depth discussed the evolution of communication tools in an enterprise environment, and also supported with data around how to choose the best remote communication tool.

remote teams

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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