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Have you ever noticed how certain brands seem to be, in a way, bigger than life? These brands have learned how to transcend their industries and become unique forces in and of themselves.

Perhaps they’re seen as funny, innovative, serving the greater good, or highly authentic. These are the brands that have become go-to names, such as Amazon, Red Bull, and Nike. They’re the brands that millions of people turn to when they’re looking to make a purchase.

But building a brand with this kind of consumer awareness can be a challenge. It’s difficult to create something new that wide swaths of people recognize and turn to.

This is where video comes into play.

In this article, we’ll look closely into how to successfully brand your business with a brand video.

Popular branded video types

Video branding can be defined as the promotion of your brand message by producing and releasing distinct, recognizable videos about your brand. The goal is to promote brand recognition and awareness while defining what makes your brand different from the competition.

Building a brand with video should also clearly define what exactly your brand is.

Some of the most popular branded video types are:

  • How-to content and tutorials that offer added value to viewers
  • Product videos that feature what makes your products unique
  • Brand story videos that tell the story of your brand or the people who started it
  • Behind-the-scenes videos showcasing how your products are produced
  • Interviews with company employees, executives or industry influencers

There are many different ways and video types that can effectively establish and promote your brand. Each of these have important best practices that will allow you to get the video branding results you’re looking for.

Focus your messages on building the business brand

The story of your business, your products, and other unique business missions all contribute to what you want your brand to be. It’s important to keep all of these factors in consideration when you begin fleshing out how you’re going to build your brand with video.

woman editing images on laptop
There are many applications you can get to edit your videos before posting them.

Every video you produce needs to keep these factors at the forefront of the message in order to successfully establish your brand. While entertaining your audience is important in video marketing and branding, it’s even more important to give viewers new and useful information regarding your brand in ways that will stay with them after watching your videos.

A great way to start out your video branding strategy is by telling the story of your business in detail. Storytelling works in branding and marketing. In fact, it’s one of the absolute best ways to capture an audience’s attention and keep them remembering you long after they’ve watched your video.

Consider featuring yourself or other owners of your brand. You can even feature company employees that have helped your brand get where it currently is today, or explain where they see it going in the future.

The point here is to craft and feature video messages that advance your overall brand, not just work to make a fast sale.

Visual imagery branding

When branding visually, you work to instantly build brand recognition. For example, when you’re driving through town and see the golden arches, you know right away that a Big Mac is right around the corner.

In video branding, it’s vital that you wholeheartedly promote instant visual recognition or your business and brand. To do this, you should prominently feature your brand name and logo in a way that tells viewers that an important new video is on the way from a brand they trust.

This can be done in subtle ways.

For example, you can begin each video with “Second Street Auto Clinic presents…” or include your logo and brand name in the corner of each video for the video’s entirety.

It’s also good practice to include a call to action at the end of each video that directs viewers to your website. Just make sure to do it in a way that doesn’t distract from the contents of the video.

Keep consistency in your video elements

Many successful video branding businesses like to create an entire series of videos that keep their viewers engaged and waiting for more content. Others find a format or style of video that resonates with their audience.

drone in front of wall
Drones are popular for video capture for a unique point of view.

Then they keep doing it.

Either way, it will be a great benefit to your efforts if you keep your formatting and video elements consistent throughout all of your videos. This includes the kind of background music you use, the style of your videos, or the overall layout of each video.

The goal here is building an audience familiarity, which can turn into instant recognition and a favorable view of your brand and business.

Content that’s worth watching

This may be the most important tip about building your brand with video. Remember that business or promotional content doesn’t need to be boring or read like a 60-second television commercial that blends in with all of the other information out there.

A genuine branded video should be informative, entertaining and interesting to watch for your viewers. It should immediately draw them in with a genuine interest in what your video is about to present.

Perhaps entertaining through comedy isn’t your thing, but you have a skill of explaining very complicated concepts in a way that almost anyone can understand them. That could easily be your entire brand. Your audience may soon know you as the guy who can explain almost anything in 500 words or less.

This would make a connection with your audience and make your brand a memorable one. Whenever something thinks of a concept that is difficult to explain, they’ll think of you and your brand.

Build your business brand with video like a pro

Building your brand with video marketing is one of the best possible ways for you to start building strong and lasting brand recognition.

People remember interesting and entertaining videos. When you’re able to combine the power of video with business brand-building, you’ll be well on your way toward sustained success.

Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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