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Swimming is a favorite activity worldwide. Whether you do it competitively, for exercise, or just for fun, it’s a way to stay active. Sometimes, though, you may need a boost. If you get tired or bored, music can motivate you to get back in the water and keep going. So why not get an MP3 player?

Waterproof or water-resistant MP3 players are what you need to get started in the water, keep up your momentum, and finish strong. Listen to music, audiobooks, and podcasts while you swim, keeping you entertained for hours. Here are the seven best MP3 players to choose from.

1. iPod Shuffle Set

As one of the first iPods from Apple, the Shuffle is still going strong to this day. Many people use it for exercise and sports since it’s compact and easy to use. You connect it to your Mac or Windows computer and sync your music library onto it. Then, you’re ready to use it in the water.

With this set, you’ll get the iPod and some waterproofing tools so that you can swim with it for up to 15 hours of playback time. You’ll get 2 GB worth of song storage as well. Clip it to your goggles and swim below the surface. When your battery starts running low, it charges quickly, so it’s ready for the next use.

2. FINIS Neptune

Coming to you from FINIS, the Neptune waterproof MP3 player is a leader in its field. First, its sound quality is some of the best you’ll find for underwater audio players. It conducts sound through your cheekbones into your ears. So, if you’re someone who doesn’t like using earbuds while swimming, FINIS is for you.

Neptune brings you 4 GB of storage in an efficient, durable player. The screen clips to the back of your goggles, while the conductors rest on your cheekbones. It plays the music right from there, giving you excellent audio quality underwater. It also gets a whopping 60 hours of playback, so you’ll be set to swim for a while!

3. Tayogo

Another MP3 device that uses bone conduction is Tayogo’s 8 GB player. With this kind of storage, you’ll get roughly 2,000 songs right at your fingertips. The storage, though, is just the beginning of what this device can do. It’s powerful — with Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect to devices from 10 meters away. 

Bluetooth lets you answer calls, listen to music or the radio, all while in the water. You can use this device for all water-based activities like surfing or boating. You can even use it in the shower since it can withstand temperatures of up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, it’s perfect for other activities like biking, running, and everyday exercise.

Download the Tayogo app to monitor your activity and help you connect your music.

4. Swimbuds

This device from Swimbuds is powerful and easy to use. You can shuffle your music, then get going right away in the water. The buttons on the device are prominent, allowing you to skip tracks the song without even looking. The short-cord headphones secure this MP3 player to your goggles and keep it comfortably on your head. 

With up to 15 hours of playback music and 8 GB of memory, this MP3 player is a bargain. Its price is more affordable than other names on the market, especially when it brings you so many cool features. Swim-up to 10 feet deep with Swimbuds’ headphones, then sync it with your Windows or Mac after your workout. 

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Another bargain on the market is the waterproof MP3 player from SEWOBYE. This device is suitable for activities in and out of the water. So, you can go swimming or running, and this player will withstand it all. Like most underwater players, SEWOBYE’s MP3 player clips to your goggles or bathing suit. Then, you can control it without even looking, using the raised buttons. 

It’s an all-around sporty MP3 player. Use it for rock climbing, kayaking, biking, and just about everything else. With SEWOBYE, you’ll get 8 GB of memory with 15 hours of playback time. Plus, you can swim down to 10 feet with perfect functionality. Get yours today and start listening in the water. 

6. Sony NWWS413LM

Sony is one of the biggest names in technology — and it’s no stranger to MP3 players. This set from the company comes with high ratings and 4 GB of storage. Its durability makes it perfect for sports of all kinds. It can handle whatever paces you put it through. 

Connect the device to your Mac or Windows computer, and it syncs right up with your iTunes library. Then, once you’re in the water, you’ll notice the focus on ergonomics. The player fits well with your head shape and won’t distract you from swimming. Go up to two meters deep and enjoy 12 hours of playback with Sony’s NWWS413LM. 

7. Mighty Vibe

If you’re looking for an MP3 player with more connectivity options, this water-resistant device from Mighty Vibe is the one for you. It works with Spotify and Amazon Music, so you can get your songs whenever and wherever you want. You don’t need a phone, an internet connection, or even data. All you have to do is wirelessly sync to your Spotify or Amazon account and start playing music. 

It resists all kinds of water, from sweat to splashes. Start playing your music instantly, and enjoy the water. It’s small and lightweight, making it perfect for any sport. 

Choosing the Right MP3 Player

These seven MP3 players are each strong contenders in the field. They bring countless benefits, like storage, playback time, and depth durability. If you want an all-inclusive option, Tayogo’s device may be the one for you. If you prefer something more integrated, the Mighty Vibe player is your best bet.

Consider your needs and priorities before you buy one of these devices. It will make all the difference once you get in the water to listen to your favorite songs. Happy swimming!

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.

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