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Goodbye Eddie Van Halen

Eddie Van Halen was a guitar god and one of the monsters of rock. He will be missed.

Eddie Van Halen. From the mid-70s’ through the late-90s,’ just the mere mention of that name brought respect and admiration. As we moved into the next century, guitar gods like Eddie Van Halen began to fade away from the mainstream. Not because they lacked the talent or the music inside but because new genres of music and artists took their place.

Long gone is the era of arena rock and the monsters of rock, replaced by overly produced and computer-generated algorithms. Musicians like Eddie Van Halen are now relegated to small labels and venues and do not command the large crowds as they once did. But none of this lessens the impact EVH had on the music industry.

Eddie Van Halen helped birth a new guitar style and a new rock sound that encapsulated the MTV generation, back when they actually played music videos. Eddie’s band, aptly named Van Halen, forged their own signature sound with flowing arpeggio guitar work, big drums, and sizzling synth/keyboard sounds. Van Halen’s sound was unmistakable and unique.

Eddie came up in a time when guitar players were gods. There was nothing like a great guitar solo from the early 70s’ through the late 90s’. There was certainly nothing like a great Eddie Van Halen guitar solo. One of his most loved pieces was called Eruption:

Sadly, we will never hear Eddie play Eruption live again. EVH passed on today from throat cancer; he was 65. EVH will always be remembered in the same vein as Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimi Hendrix, Randy Rhodes, and Allen Collins.

Rest in peace Eddie.

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