How content marketing will change with AI: 5 key factors to consider


Artificial intelligence is an amazing technology that opens up amazing possibilities. Best of all, it can be used in internet marketing. AI performs a huge number of tasks that take your time and energy automatically. And today we will tell you about them. According to research, 37% of businesses and organizations today use AI and experience its benefits for their business.

Content curation

The essence of this task is to search, find, organize, and create the most relevant content on the topic regularly. It isn’t easy to do this on an ongoing basis. There are tracking tools for trending topics—for example, BuzzSumo. However, choosing the best option from the huge variety of possible ones also takes time.

AI makes it easier, faster, and more efficient. It allows marketers to guide potential customers through various stages of awareness right through to making a purchase. With the help of AI, you create relevant content for the target audience, which also corresponds to the company’s goals.

The quality of content is highly dependent on its literacy. If you make mistakes, users will inappropriately see it, which can negatively affect trust. In this regard, special services like Grammarly, Essaywriter, ProWritinGaid, etc. They will help to avoid typos and significantly increase the quality of content.

The difficulty of supervising people is that the task itself is a complex of actions. It isn’t easy to do it regularly. To curate and create a lot of content, you need a team of specialists. This is because curation includes as many as 5 steps:

  • Aggregation: The challenge is to find relevant content and combine it.
  • Distillation: It involves the selection of the most relevant, interesting for users, and relevant for the company content.
  • Raising: The content of the selected content is analyzed, identifying the most significant and important trends for business purposes.
  • Mixing: It is important to combine the selected content correctly. Or rather, so that the company can offer users a new point of view. After all, innovators always look at familiar things from a different perspective.
  • Chronology: For a new idea to be well received by users, it is important to present it correctly. The best solution is to uncover it in stages. Therefore, at the chronology stage, the dates and frequency of publication are determined. Thus, it will be possible not only to tell something but to smoothly develop the topic.

Of course, you can try doing it yourself. Also, no one forbids trying to find a specialist who can perform this work efficiently for a long time. However, the success of such an undertaking is doubtful.

Artificial intelligence already knows how to do all this. In the process, it analyzes huge amounts of data. AI filters the results obtained according to the specifics of your site and user preferences.

The best thing is that it performs tasks autonomously. The company does not need to allocate time or labor. Just find your perfect service and start improving your website content today.


Customized content has been a trend in recent years. To create personalized offers, you need to collect and analyze huge amounts of customer data. Plus, it’s important to transform them correctly and form a practical plan of action. AI does this automatically.

Machine learning can collect and analyze relevant information about users. Next, technologies create customer profiles. Based on them, an individual brand experience is developed.

AI allows you to personalize a lot. For example, featured products, articles, communication strategy, promotional offers, new product announcements, and mailing. But the best thing is that personalization is deep. It fundamentally changes the user experience, taking it to a qualitatively new level.

For this, AI has many possibilities. Here are some examples of solutions:

  1. Personalized content. We are used to the fact that the content of the site is static. However, AI is capable of personalizing any detail. Including banners, action buttons, or advertisements. The services allow you to adapt any content component to the characteristics of individual users or segments of visitors.
  2. Personalized customer journey. Some tools tailor specific touchpoints to suit user preferences. It’s good. However, with AI, the company is able to provide personalization for each stage of interaction. And for any visitor. Multichannel is also implemented here. AI coordinates the interactions between users and businesses across multiple platforms, bringing the entire experience together. At the same time, each stage can be personalized.
  3. Improved Triggered Messages. Push notifications and emails are some of the most effective ways to get users’ attention. AI is able to personalize even them. Moreover, algorithms analyze the behavior of visitors. Highlights triggers in the process. Based on the latter, rules of interaction are formed, the execution of which occurs in an automatic mode. Therefore, users will receive emails and notifications exactly when they really need them.
time management marketing

24/7 customer support

AI technologies allow him to recognize and interpret human speech independently, reacting to it accordingly. Chatbots are effective at solving common problems. For example, if a user is interested in a certain promotion or he cannot find a section of the site. Chatbots will respond instantly. Moreover, with detailed information and in the proper tone.

We are used to seeing them on websites. However, chatbots are found everywhere today, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Line. AI simulates real conversation. Therefore, users do not feel that they are communicating with the robot. At the same time, they receive operational support throughout the entire path to purchase.

Search engine optimization content

Content creation is a complex task that requires considering the preferences of users and search engines. It can be difficult to notice all the variables. However, AI is able to independently extract the necessary data, conduct analytics and make recommendations for improving the content.

AI improves website content in the following ways:

  1. Research. AI analyzes trends as well as Google search engine analytics.
  2. Recommendations for filling. Through Google Analytics, the machines offer content ideas that match the most relevant topics to your users.
  3. SEO. AI recommendations also include search engine optimization strategies to help create more relevant and valuable content.

Automate tasks

Artificial intelligence is capable of performing repetitive tasks as well as humans. Moreover, it does it faster and without mistakes. There are a ton of AI marketing tools out there today. They allow you to plan, create, optimize, personalize, as well as promote, analyze and measure the effectiveness of events.

Here are some examples:

  • Automated Insights – creating scalable content;
  • Acrolinx – planning and optimization tool;
  • OneSpot – automated promotion and personalization;
  • Curata, or – content promotion followed by measurement and analysis of effectiveness.


Technology is an integral part of modern life. Therefore, they will not go anywhere. On the contrary, the digital world will grow and develop, providing more and more opportunities. This means that competition will increase. With AI, companies can create high-quality, relevant content, and quickly. By using AI in online marketing, you save time, while ensuring the maximum personalization of the appeal to each user.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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