Phiaton 900 Legacy review: Wireless headphones with amazing sound for a great price

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Techaeris Rated 9.5/10

We’ve done our fair share of Phiaton reviews already, but when the company asked us to review their latest headset, the Phiaton 900 Legacy, we were eager to check them out.

The Phiaton 900 Legacy comes with a nice black and gold color scheme, Bluetooth 5.0, 40mm drivers, digital hybrid noise-cancellation, a whopping 43-hour battery life, and more. Read on to see how the Phiaton 900 Legacy performs.


Bluetooth Version5.1
Bluetooth ProfileA2DP 1.3.1, HFP 1.7.1, HSP 1.2, AVRCP 1.6
Audio CodecSBC, AAC, aptX, aptX-HD
Operating Frequency2.4Ghz
Operating RangeWithin 10m
Driver Unit40mm
Impedance16 ohm
Input power1000mw
Battery LifeWireless music playback: 43 hours
NC Wired: 52 hours
Call time: 39 hours
Standby time: 320 hours
Charge time3 hours 20 minutes, 10 minutes fast charge for 4 hours of wireless playback

What’s in the box

  • Phiaton 900 Legacy
  • Aux cable
  • USB cable
  • Carrying case
  • Quick starter guide
  • Warranty card


Phiaton took the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” route with the 900 Legacy but added their own flair to the overall design. Admittedly, I do like the basic design that many over the ear headphones have.

Starting with the body, the headphones have a robust and premium plastic feel to it. The side plates are made out of carbon fiber with a shiny gloss coating over it, reflecting in just about any lighting. The earcups are attached to a swivel piece that allows them to fold inward for storing and turn outward to show off the carbon fiber if they hang around your neck.

Phiaton 900 Legacy wireless headphones
Phiaton 900 Legacy folded allowing to be put in a backpack or suitcase.

The right earcup only has a 3.5mm port that can be used with the AUX cable if you plan to use them with a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone with a headphone jack. On the left earcup, you’ll see a decently sized power button that doesn’t take any effort to push. Above the power button is the noise-canceling button, whereas below the power button is an LED for when the headset is powered on or ready to pair. There’s also a USB Type-C port for charging the 900 Legacy.

As for the underside, Phiaton added high-quality memory foam for comfort and to block out any outside noise. Inside the earcups are an “L” and an “R” printed on mesh fabric indicating which ear the headset is to be placed on.

Phiaton did include a nifty hard fabric case that will protect the 900 Legacy if you plan to put them in your backpack, suitcase, etc. There’s also a pocket to store the AUX cable and the USB Type-C cable that charges the headset.

Overall, the design aspect of the headset is great. I like the black and gold color scheme Phiaton chose. They’re plenty comfortable thanks to the earcups and headband.

Ease of Use

Pairing the Phiatin 900 Legacy and using the gesture controls is simple and straightforward. When pairing for the first time, you’ll see “900 Legacy” as the name. Once paired, the headset will state that it’s been connected.

Phiaton 900 Legacy wireless headphones
Power and noise-canceling button.

As far as controls go, excluding the power and NC button, everything is done via gestures on the touchpad on the right-hand side.

  • Play/Pause: Double-tap center of touchpad
  • Skip track: Slide forward
  • Replay track: Slide backward
  • Volume Up: Slide up
  • Volume down: Slide down
  • Answer call: Single tap
  • End call: Double-tap
  • Google Assistant/Siri: Hands-free, activate via voice

By no means were the controls difficult to use, and I believe others will be able to handle it as easily as I did.

One issue that I came across is that you can’t tell when noise-cancellation is on or off. This is because the same notification tone is used, whether toggling noise-cancellation on or off. The only way you can tell if it is enabled or disabled is because you can hear the difference. While it may seem minor, it is a simple feature that goes a long way in making the user experience just that much better.

Sound Quality

I’m going to start this section off by saying this might be one of the best headsets I have reviewed so far.

The 900 Legacy doesn’t skimp out on sound quality whatsoever. I listen to a lot of heavier music than most people I know do, but I did test the Phiaton 900 Legacy with a variety of genres. When listening to country or pop or soft rock, there was no sound these headphones couldn’t handle. Highs and mids were balanced, while lows were boosted but not too overbearing. This is all thanks to the 40mm driver Phiaton uses inside this headset.

Left and right earcup with memory foam for comfort.

You’ll also find Phiaton added in digital hybrid noise-canceling. That means using feedforward and feedback microphones along with the 40mm drivers work hand in hand, giving you better noise cancellation performance. Just having noise-canceling turned on tuned everything out. And I mean everything. If anyone tried talking to me or something else was playing in the background, I couldn’t hear it.

There is the option of turning of noise-canceling, which lowers the sound a bit, but it still offers great quality during music playback.

Call Quality

I’m still not the biggest fan of taking phone calls with over the ear headphones, but regardless, it can be done. Call quality is good and sound fine. I’m able to hear everyone on the other end; meanwhile, others can hear me too but tell me I sound like I’m on speakerphone.

Battery Life

When it comes to battery life, Phianton states you can get up to 43 hours of music playback while using the 900 Legacy wirelessly and up to 52 hours while wired.

While I wasn’t able to fully test the battery life of the 900 Legacy due to a publishing timeline, I believe you should be able to reach those playback hours without issue. Of course, battery life can also vary depending on how you personally use them.

In the testing I was able to complete, the battery life did really well over the course of 12 hours. The battery sat at 100%, with music playing for a few hours before dropping down to 70%. Even after dropping down to 70% and an hour and a half to two hours later, the battery life stayed the same. This all included changing volumes during different scenarios. If you need a quick charge to use them at the gym or a car ride, you can get up to 4 hours of playback with only 10 minutes of charging.

In case the battery does end up dying, you can use the included 3.5mm cable to keep listening to music on the go.


For those who are interested in getting Phiaton’s 900 Legacy, you’ll be looking to dish out US$249 on Amazon or Phiaton’s website. Personally, I don’t think it’s a bad price at all for what you get.

Wrap Up

The Phiaton 900 Legacy are my favorite headphones I’ve reviewed to date. You can’t go wrong with how they sound, the gesture controls, and battery life for US$250. If you’re looking for a new pair of ANC headphones, these are certainly a pair to consider.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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