[CES 2021] Ariel is a robot made to make cleaning your pool easier


Ariel is the latest pool robot to come out of Tempe-based company Pivot-Solar Breeze. Ariel is being unveiled at CES 2021, and the company says it combines the force of solar-power and intelligent technology to clean the pool surface from debris.

Pools are a blast, and if you own one, you’re both lucky and cursed. Layers of dirt, dust, and debris collect on the surface, and cleaning it can take some of the joy out of pool ownership. Pivot-Solar Breeze claims that Ariel can remove up to 95% of dirt, leaves, pollen, dust, hair, oil, and more before the debris decays and falls to the bottom. Of course, that makes cleaning the pool even more difficult.

Ariel owners enjoy a net-free world, less bacteria and algae growth, less filtration and sanitization needs, and less pool pump runtime.

“Automated surface cleaning is becoming recognized throughout the pool industry as a critical part of pool maintenance and greatly contributes to having a clean and healthy swimming pool,” said Paul Sim, Vice President of Pivot-Solar Breeze. “Ariel is the culmination of years of engineering and consumer feedback to produce the quintessential, future-focused pool cleaning device that brings a whole new level of intelligence, beauty and performance to the robotic surface cleaning category.” The original Solar-Breeze was launched in 2011, creating a whole new category of robotic pool cleaners. Since then, the Solar-Breeze NX and Solar-Breeze NX2 have become the preferred pool-skimming robots by pool owners in 48 states and 20 countries.

“Ariel by Pivot-Solar Breeze is a MUST for any pool owner,” said Michael Angle, demo unit recipient. “It gobbles up dirt, leaves, pollen, dust, hair, insects, oil, and more – anything that lands in my pool! The hours I used to spend skimming my surface are now the hours I spend relaxing or jumping right in. I love my pool again!”

Ariel robot

Here are some of the features of this pool cleaning robot:

  • Mesh filter collects and retains particles down to 200 microns in size
  • Debris collection chamber that holds twice the volume of a normal skimmer basket
  • Simple removal from the pool with no-slip handle
  • Easy to empty debris and clean the unit
  • Rechargeable battery that powers the unit after the sun goes down
  • Solar panels that produce enough power to run the unit and charge the battery during the day
  • Sensors that detect obstructions and light up at night
  • No chords or hoses attached
  • Covers the surface of an average pool every 1.5 hours
  • Functions in temperatures ranging from 40° to 130°F
  • Can withstand water salinity of 6,500 ppm

The company says this robot can reduce the pool pump runtime by up to 60%, resulting in money saved. You can pre-order this robot on the company’s website.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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