[CES 2021] LOCKLY announces two new smart locks for 2021


LOCKLY, a property technology company offering residential and commercial smart lock and software solutions designed to secure your home, announced today the debut of two new unique products. The two new smart locks being added are dubbed LOCKLY Duo and LOCKLY Guard.

LOCKLY says that Duo and Guard expand the company’s ability to provide a safe, secure, and technologically advanced smart lock, no matter what kind of door users are trying to access.

Here’s what the LOCKLY press release had to say:

LOCKLY for 2021

With LOCKLY’s new Duo, users simultaneous locking deadbolt and latch all in one, while Guard offers LOCKLY’s innovative security features for those seeking to add the world’s most advanced smart lock to their home, business, or rental property’s sliding door or Swing-style style door. These new offerings, along with the new LOCKLY Access Portal management system, help further the company’s mission to make every door safer and more secure.

Those familiar with LOCKLY will recognize several patented and industry-leading features packed into Duo and Guard. Both new offerings include LOCKLY’s heralded PIN Genie® touchscreen that boasts a hack-proof digital keypad, making it nearly impossible for anyone to guess the shuffling pin number. Another patented LOCKLY feature included in both devices is Offline Access Codes™, which allows pin receivers to gain access without an app or internet connection. An industry-leading 3D biometric fingerprint sensor will also be embedded in each device, which only allows for real fingerprints to be used. Both locks can be controlled through the LOCKLY app (iOS and Android), with features such as auto lock duration, eKey creation and distribution, lock access logs, and more.

“We want LOCKLY to be a part of everyone’s smart ecosystem, and now more than ever those ecosystems are expanding from multiple doors in the home, into businesses and even rental properties. There will never be a single smart lock that fits every consumer’s need, so we constantly challenge ourselves to listen to our customers and create new solutions that still embody LOCKLY’s DNA and commitment to security,” saidJeff Pouliot, LOCKLY Head of Sales “With Duo and Guard, we allow more consumers than ever to find the perfect smart lock for their needs, and the LOCKLY Access Portal provides an enterprise solution beyond the individual lock. We are no longer just a smart lock provider, but instead we’ve become a 360-degree security solution.”



The Duo combines LOCKLY’s expertise in latch and deadbolt smart locks into one compact device. By simply closing the door and lifting the latch handle upward, users can activate LOCKLY’s patent-pending Dual-Locking Technology™, simultaneously securing both latch and deadbolt in a single motion. This makes entering and exiting your home or business incredibly fast and extremely secure. The Duo is a uniquely DIY-friendly smart lock for standard doors, or an advanced mortise lock upgrade thanks to LOCKLY’s innovative interlocking deadbolt and latch bolt faceplate mortise pocket assembly. With additional Secure Link WiFi Hub, users will also enjoy additional functionality, such as popular voice assistant integration, 24/7 door lock control, and monitoring from anywhere in the world.



Ideal for homes, offices, hotels, and rental units, LOCKLY Guard provides main entrance level access and security innovation beyond the front door. Designed for existing and new sliding and swing-style doors, Guard is made from high-quality materials and fits any standard aluminum or metal door frame. Guard offers an optional upgrade for a built-in RFID card reader which allows easy, contactless access for homeowners or business associates. Guard’s forward-thinking design and multiple finishes assure that any living or office space is complemented with safety and elegance. With the addition of Secure Link WiFi Hub (MSRP: $79.99), users can add additional functionality, such as popular virtual assistant integration, 24/7 door lock control, and monitoring from anywhere in the world.

Pricing and Availability

LOCKLY Duo (MSRP: $399.99) will be available Q1 2021 in Satin Nickel and Matte Black at Lockly.com, Amazon, and major retailers. LOCKLY Guard (MSRP: $499.99) will be available Q2 2021 in Satin Nickel, Matte Black, and Metallic Chrome at Lockly.com, Amazon, and major retailers.

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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