[Infographic] Telepsychiatry: The modern-day approach to mental health crisis


The National Institute of Mental Health has reported that the mental health crisis that was 2020, has caused the amount of US adults living with mental illness to skyrocket from every one in five to an alarming one in three. The entire world has been dealt a hand of widespread anxiety, depression, and stress during these dark times; however, it appears that a resolution might lie in sight. In their 2021 healthcare trends report, Apploi outlines an approach to mental health that has been proven to be tried and true– telepsychiatry.

Upon implementation, telepsychiatry had shown an exponential increase in its number of users in virtually no time at all. Providers have made significantly more progress in shorter periods of time as patients feel more at ease in their home environment which in turn helps them to open up quicker. Patients are incredibly less likely to miss or cancel appointments when presented with the option to avoid both a commute and a stay in an uncomfortable waiting room.

This makes telepsychiatry services highly effective without the same increased costs and time commitment as in-person sessions. Several of the previous limits such as the regulatory restrictions on the level and type of care allowable over telepsychiatry platforms and limited insurance reimbursements have been overturned, thus paving a more accessible path to the world of telepsychiatry.

As the vaccine is released, efforts have begun to turn towards repairing the damage that COVID-19 left in its wake. Mental health is an area that took an insurmountable hit this year as the loss and isolation alone have triggered a new onset of mental health conditions for some, and the exacerbation of existing illness for others. Armed with Apploi’s plan to expand the field of telepsychiatry, recovery no longer seems to be an uphill battle.

Check out the infographic and video below for more:

mental health infographic Telepsychiatry

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Last Updated on February 3, 2021.


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