Move along; there’s “Nothing” to see here


Marketing is a powerful tool; just ask Apple. That’s why brands use marketing to lure your mind into something you probably don’t really want. In this case, Carl Pei’s marketing team is luring us all into Nothing.

Carl Pei is one of the figures behind OnePlus, and now he’s moved on and working hard on Nothing. Pei has raised around 7 million dollars for his mysterious new company and announced it on January 27th. Here’s the initial launch video from the newly minted company:

The company obviously has something planned because it has the backing and endorsement from several industry personalities. Some of whom include the co-Founder of Twitch Kevin Lin, founder of Web Summit Paddy Cosgrave, and “influencer” Casey Neistat.

With Pei’s background in smartphones and consumer tech products, it seems to us that Nothing will likely be marketing a new vision for what we already use. It will be interesting to see if there is actually something to this. If Pei actually brings a new vision to old tech, that would be great, or is this just another brilliant marketing campaign that literally results in nothing new. We’ll let you be the judge

You can check out Nothing’s website and sign up with your email to “get the full story.” The company is also on Twitter and Instagram as is Carl Pei himself.

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Last Updated on February 10, 2021.


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