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The search engine. We all use it daily. Whether it’s Google or Bing. But lately, many users have been looking for search engine alternatives. Many of those users have discovered DuckDuckGo and StartPage. While most of those search engines have video search built-in, there is a video search alternative. Petey Vid.

Petey Vid has surpassed a half-billion videos in their search algorithm and allows users to search through 70+ major video platforms, including YouTube. With new video platforms emerging, such as Rumble and Odysee, Petey Vid says it offers unique and independent media content that cannot be found via other video search engines.

This distinctive video search engine also provides the ability to search for videos that have been removed from YouTube using the Wayback Machine, a long-running digital archive of the world wide web. Petey Vid offers multilingual capabilities and supports “legacy media,” a term used to describe aging media programs such as RealPlayer, QuickTime, and Windows Media.

“We are happy to provide users with a crucial search tool to navigate and find videos they want regardless of their source, with the added bonus of searching in a safe and private manner,” says CTO and founder Craig J. Stadler.

That emphasis on privacy and diversity is particularly important in a day and age where allegations of censorship continue to be levied against big tech companies. Petey Vid presents non-biased search results in a privacy-focused environment by not saving IP addresses or search histories and by not using privacy-invasive cookies. Rather than focusing on selling user data, Petey Vid uses means such as Patreon, donations in exchange for Petey merchandise, Amazon/eBay affiliate programs, and other revenue streams (such as a monetized YouTube channel that reviews tech sites and products).

Petey Vid is just another in a long line of emerging alternatives for users to check out. Now, we can’t speak as to its accuracy, but it may be worth a shot. Let us know on our social media channels if you’ll be checking out this video search engine.


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