Huawei goes into round 2 with its folding Mate X2


Because of US sanctions, Huawei has a minimal footprint in the United States. But in other countries, the company does fairly well. At the same time, we Americans will probably never hold a Huawei phone for awhile. New smartphones like the Mate X2 are worth talking about simply because of the tech.

According to GSMArena, Huawei confirmed the release of the Mate X2 for February 22 of this year. The interesting thing about the teaser Huawei posted is the display. The original Mate X had an outward folding display, which the majority of bloggers and vloggers agreed was superior to Samsung’s inward folding display on its Galaxy Fold.

It seems Huawei disagreed with the tech media and agreed with Samsung; inward folding displays are better. We’re assuming the biggest reason for this change is damage to the display. The Mate X2, with its inward folding display, will have a better chance of remaining protected and undamaged. Folding displays are rather delicate; even Samsung warns against using fingernails or sharp objects, as it could cause permanent damage.

Other than the inward folding screen, we don’t know a lot about the new Mate X2. We’re assuming there will be a harder, more protected smaller screen on the front, like the Galaxy Fold. Of course, there will be cameras, and knowing Huawei, probably a lot of cameras. TechRadar has an interesting conversation about the Mate X2 on YouTube; check it out below.

We had some hands-on time with the Huawei Mate X at CES 2020, and you can check that video out below. This should give you a good idea of what the original Mate X looked like and help envision what the Mate X2 will look like.

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Huawei Mate X2

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