Todd McFarlane is attempting to create a new interconnected comic book universe


It’s no secret that I am a fan of Todd McFarlane’s work in the past. While I’m not engrossed in the comic world like I was many years ago, I can still appreciate it when someone like Todd McFarlane hatches new ideas.

Spawn and McFarlane’s version of Batman are among the best characters ever created. Now Todd McFarlane is attempting to create a new interconnected comic book universe. This is a mighty feat to be attempted, and if anyone can get it going, it has to be McFarlane.

McFarlane’s stated goal is to establish a shared fictional universe over time in the vein of what the other comic industry giants, Marvel, and DC Comics, have accomplished with their comic book universes.

Todd McFarlane is the CEO of Image Comics and he made this announcement at the Annual ComicsPRO Conference. Later, Image issued a press release, here is a bit of what that had to say:

Todd McFarlane is attempting to create a new interconnected comic book universe
McFarlane’s are is some of the best in the comic book world.

“The simple question is this: DC Comics started a shared universe in the late 1930s. Marvel Comics began theirs in the early 1960s… so, can lightning strike a third time beginning in 2021? I personally do not have the answer to that question right now, but the only way to get an answer to that question is to make the attempt in the first place,” said McFarlane.

“This is a long-intended plan that will need the help of dozens and dozens of creators to help create hundreds and hundreds of characters. And then to reward those creators if any of their ideas pay off in a big way outside of the comic industry. The quest isn’t to have our ideas exclusively live in the comic book industry but to have merit and value outside of that industry as well. My character Spawn has been an example of what can happen with creation… so, what are the possibilities if hundreds of creations are brought together? Marvel and DC Comics have shown us that a collective group of characters, together, in a shared universe can resonate globally. I think it is time for David to attempt to join the same arena as the Goliaths of the world.”

In June, in what Todd McFarlane is calling “2021 the year of Spawn,” comic retailers will be able to order Spawn’s Universe #1. This will be a book that will set the stage with a story that will then spill out into the other new monthly titles. The first title will release in August with a book called King Spawn #1. The character Spawn will now join the rare company of stalwart characters, like Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man, that will have multiple monthly books for the same title character. It will also mark the first time in twenty-eight years that anyone can buy a monthly issue #1 Spawn book. Giving McFarlane hope of reaching a new generation of readers that missed out on the initial launch of the Spawn back in 1992.

Todd McFarlane plans on leveraging the success of his Spawn character, which has seen sales increase between 150 to 600% from pre-pandemic orders. If you want more information on this whole plan, you can visit the Todd McFarlane website here.

Now where’s our new Spawn movie Mr. McFarlane? Get on it!

What do you think of the work Todd McFarlane has done? What do you think of this plan? Do you like Spawn and his version of Batman? What other books of his do you enjoy? Let us know what you think on our MeWe page by joining the MeWe social network.


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