Samsung’s next Galaxy Watch could be running Wear OS

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Since the first Galaxy Gear came out back in 2013, Samsung has been using their own watch OS, Tizen. Yes, it originally ran Android at launch but was updated to Samsung’s own Tizen operating system later on. In the future, every Samsung Galaxy Watch ended up running Tizen.

Now, rumors are going around the interwebs, thanks to a tweet from IceUniverse. IceUniverse is known for tweeting many Samsung leaks, and this one, in particular, is about the next generation Galaxy Watch implementing Google’s Wear OS. Samsung teaming up with Google could be pretty sweet since Samsung already makes great hardware and software with their smartwatch lineup. Not to mention that Google Assistant is much better than Bixby.

Wear OS is already found on many other smartwatches from manufacturers such as Citizen, TicWatch, TAG Heuer, Fossil, and more. Unfortunately, Wear OS watches haven’t had the best luck in popularity as Samsung’s Galaxy Watches or the Apple Watch. Some of them have lackluster processors and poor battery life. It’s certainly not for lack of trying; they’re not on the same level as Samsung or Apple.

While Samsung could be announcing the next foldable smartphone event at some point this year, we could see a potential smartwatch companion. Regardless of knowing this, we don’t know if those watches will be running Wear OS. We’ll have to wait and find out when the time comes.

What do you think about the possibility of Samsung ditching their own smartwatch OS for Google’s Wear OS? Would you prefer Samsung to stick with Tizen or try something new? Let us know what you think on our MeWe page by joining the MeWe social network or commenting on our other social media pages.


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