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In 2014 I reviewed a backpack that quickly became my go-to for all of my travels. It went through 6 CES events with me as well as MWC and IFA. It had almost everything I wanted or needed in a backpack. But as the years have gone by, the backpack has started to show signs of wear. Not that it’s not usable, but I have been searching for a replacement for the past few years, and I finally found it in the UAG Standard Issue 24-Liter backpack.

I’ve gone through a few other backpacks in the past few years, and while most of them are very nice, they just didn’t fit my needs. I’ve given almost all of those backpacks away. The UAG Standard Issue 24-Liter backpack has ticked almost every requirement box for me, and it is the closest I’ve been to satisfied. Read on for the full review of the UAG Standard Issue 24-Liter backpack.


The UAG Standard Issue 24-Liter backpack has the following features and specifications:

  • Sturdy stand-alone clamshell body, ergonomically molded padding for maximum comfort, & comfortable foam-grip carrying handle
  • Weather-resistant materials, dedicated side laptop access, and storage (16” compatible), & pass-through strap to securely attach to rolling luggage
  • Roomy interior with multi-organization dividers, multiple compartments, and pockets, & fleece-lined top-loading tech locker
  • Dimensions
    • Weight: 38.4oz
    • Length: 22 inches
    • Width: 13 inches
    • Depth: 8 inches

What’s In The Box

  • UAG Standard Issue 24-Liter backpack
  • Two UAG patches
  • Manuals and Documentation
UAG Standard Issue 24-Liter backpack
Side pockets are great!


The first thing you notice about the UAG Standard Issue 24-Liter backpack is just how robust and sturdy it is. It’s not floppy and flaccid, and it has a nice firm bottom that allows the backpack to stand up alone. Of course, that depends on how the interior weight is distributed.

The backpack’s carrying handle is comfortable and padded well, but I wish it were a bit more padded and cushy. When I’m at trade shows like CES, I’m often carrying the backpack by the handle in crowded areas, so a comfy handle is essential. This handle is comfortable but slightly shy of perfection.

The shoulder straps on the UAG Standard Issue 24-Liter backpack are nicely padded and sit comfortably, and the chest strap is much appreciated. The shoulder straps have small mini straps where you can clip a pen or two.

The back portion is made of stiff molded padding that looks and feels comfortable. I tend to sweat a lot, and most backpacks get very hot on my back. I couldn’t test this one in this manner since we’re all basically buried in our homes these days. I’m hoping to make it to MWC, IFA, or the next CES to try it out. The back also has a luggage pass-through strap, essential for me when I travel.

The UAG Standard Issue 24-Liter backpack sides are zippered and have various compartments suitable for a wide range of items. I consider this an upgrade from my old backpack. There’s also a front zippered compartment that is shallow and great for passports and IDs.

The main compartment is huge and has a dedicated laptop and tablet slot. There are also a few other compartments within that you can use for all sorts of things. The main compartment is also a clamshell-style compartment, allowing you to get to things quickly and not have to open the compartment too wide if you don’t want to.

UAG Standard Issue 24-Liter backpack
The shoulder straps are comfy and it has a chest strap, comfy handle, and a back compartment.

Another zipper along the back edge of the UAG Standard Issue 24-Liter backpack, which is perfect for storing items you may want to keep more secure. It’s slim but runs along the entire back of the pack, but you really can’t put bulky items there. UAG considers this area for laptops, and you can certainly use it for that.

Finally, the best part of the UAG Standard Issue 24-Liter backpack, and the reason I’m very pleased with this bag, is the top tech compartment. My old backpack had this top compartment near the carrying handle perfect for business cards, mints, pens, Tylenol, and other things I need to get (quickly) when I’m at trade shows like CES.

I have found a few bags that offered something similar, but this is the first to offer it with my old bag’s same ample space. It’s absolutely perfect. Oh, and one nice addition to the design is the interchangeable front velcro logo. UAG includes a second patch that is a different color, but you can use your own too. I used my M18 patch with my Sig Sauer P320 M18 handgun.

Overall, the design of this bag was everything I have been looking for and more. My only real gripe, and it is minor, is the carrying handle could be padded with a softer, more cushy material.


The UAG Standard Issue 24-Liter backpack offers better protection than even my old backpack. It is made up of weather-resistant materials, and the zippers are weathered sealed too. Not that I’m going to throw my backpack in the water, but your gear should be safe if you have to run through the rain from a cab to the hotel.

The molded materials this backpack is comprised of will also offer superior protection, as do the padded areas within. I don’t think you can toss this backpack down the stairs with your gear in and it and expect everything to come out unharmed. But I do think this backpack offers up superior protection against a commuter lifestyle where you may be in and out of inclement weather and banging it around a bit.


The UAG Standard Issue 24-Liter backpack is priced at US$119.95, which is in the higher range of the price spectrum. That being said, I think it is worth every cent. For my use, it has everything I need in a backpack and more.

Wrap Up

The UAG Standard Issue 24-Liter backpack has replaced my old TYLT backpack after 7-years. It took a solid few years of looking for something to replace my trusted backpack, and this one feels like it will last me as long or longer. Not to mention it has everything I need and more. I recommend this backpack to anyone looking for intuitive storage, great protection, and good design in a backpack.

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